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"Food for Thought" with critic Nancy Leson airs Wednesdays on KNKX. Her slice-of-life food commentaries air the third Wednesday of each month; on subsequent Wednesdays she joins Midday Jazz host Dick Stein for a tasty Q&A.More from Food For Thought »

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Food For Thought: Caffeinated Commemorations

Nancy Leson asked, "When did you start drinking coffee?" In an instant (forgive the expression), I remembered elementary school mornings when my mom, Chesterfield ash trembling dangerously over my glass, dripped some drops of her barely brown Maxwell House into my milk.

Food For Thought: Take My (Cooking) Advice – I'm Not Using It

When I asked Nancy Leson about the cooking classes she's been teaching she said, "The more I teach, the more I learn – especially from my students." Yeah, yeah, all the teachers say that. "So what have you learned lately?" I challenged her.

Food For Thought: How Smart Should Your Kitchen Be?

I am not a Luddite. I'm not; I'm not; I'm not! I mention that only because when Nancy Leson confessed to her seduction by Amazon Echo, I had to ask her what that was.

Food For Thought: Shell-Stocked!

I hoard shrimp shells. "I've got a wad of them the size of soccer ball in the freezer," I told Nancy Leson . They're a great start to a good seafood stock.

Food For Thought: 1 Cheez-It to Rule Them All

At the conclusion of last week's Food for Thought, I bragged to Nancy Leson that I would create an LP sized giant cheese cracker in my home oven. "I'm talkin' about the big Corellian Cheez-Its now" I told her. Thanks to pastry chef Stella Parks' BraveTart blog I can declare "mission accomplished!" Once I showed my results to Nance, she tried it too, with equally Stella results. Pictures and tips for making your own Cheez-Its below.

Food For Thought: Kitchen Chaos Tamed

A man and woman meet in a bar and get along perfectly — same sense of humor, same favorite authors and movies, food, music; they're a perfect match. Naturally, they wind up at her place that very night. There on the living room floor he sees a dead horse. "My God," he exclaims. "A dead horse!" "Well," she shrugs, "I never said I was neat."

Food For Thought: A Fine Day Out at Pike Place Market

Between the maddening traffic up and back from Tacoma and the crushing crowds, I'd started to wonder last summer if a trip to Pike Place Market was worth the aggravation. Nancy Leson showed me in just two words why right now is such a great time to go — no tourists.

Food For Thought: No Need To Presoak Beans For This Cheese Rind-Flavored Minestrone Recipe

My whole life I've been soaking dried beans overnight for use in the next day's soup or stew. At this late date, I've learned I've been wasting my time.

Food For Thought: No Need To Presoak Beans For This Cheese Rind-Flavored Minestrone Recipe

After All These Years, Dick Stein Slurps Down His Very First Raw Oyster

The first time I ever did it was right out in public in front of everyone at the Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar on Queen Anne . My first raw oyster.

After All These Years, Dick Stein Slurps Down His Very First Raw Oyster

Food For Thought: Department Of Dinner Rolls

When it comes to dinner rolls, Nancy goes fancy, while I opt for the straightforwardly simple. After describing what are now my all-time favorite rolls, I dared her, "Top that, Leson." As always, she was equal to the challenge.

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