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Hoosiers "in the know" are getting their answers from the show that does the talking: Indiana Week In Review. You may watch for the news, but you'll stay for the no-holds-barred debate and discussion. A look at issues facing Indiana from differing viewpoints makes for an entertaining, lively and informative half-hour.More from Indiana Week in Review »

Most Recent Episodes

Indiana Week in Review - Tornados

Tornadoes hit Indiana and Mike Pence responds. What's the political angle? A Pennsylvania barber caught off guard. Trump's Indiana strategy. Evan Bayh's address issue. Eric Holcomb hands out checks plus lip sync from state troopers and more.

Indiana Week in Review - Pence & Trump Tax Returns

Pence promises to release his tax returns. Does it take the pressure off Trump? New polls in Indiana races for President, US Senate and governor races, two members of Congress back on the ballot, a proposed tax break, a controversial billboard and more.

Indiana Week in Review - Pence's New Stature

Mike Pence's new stature, the race for President in Indiana, and the battles for governor and U.S. Senate. That, plus predictions and more on a special fall preview edition of Indiana Week in Review.

Indiana Week in Review - Indiana GOP Governor Nominee, Eric Holcomb

Eric Holcomb is the GOP nomination for governor. Did the Pence's endorsement make the difference? The new governor's race, the Indiana highlights from the DNC. Andre Carson's rap and speech, and the notable no-shows plus winners and losers.

Indiana Week in Review - Mike Pence VP Nomination

Mike Pence accepts the VP nomination. The speech that was a convention highlight. Indiana in the rollcall of states, the Republican candidates for governor in Cleveland, and a delegate who is related to Mike Pence. Plus winners and losers and more.

Indiana Week in Review - Trump Selects Pence

Mike Pence wins the derby to become Donald Trump's running mate. Is it a good move? Who will replace Pence on the ballot? Baron Hill quits Senate race and Evan Bayh jumps in. We have his explanation and reaction from Todd Young. Plus winners and losers.

Indiana Week in Review - Pence as VP?

Mike Pence on the short list. Jockeying to replace him. John Gregg says Pence's actions are appalling, Carrier's union picks sides for governor, a Fourth of July float in Sheridan plus Joe Hogsett's bad week and Beech Grove says goodbye to Facebook.

Indiana Week in Review - Abortion Law Ruling

A judge's ruling regarding Indiana's new abortion law. Hillary in Indianapolis, Gary Johnson on a big stage, and Susan Brooks on Benghazi. That, plus Joe Donnelly meets with the FBI, Bicentennial torch bearers and more.

Indiana Week in Review - A Potential Terrorist

A potential terrorist in Indianapolis. André Carson joins the sit-in in, a call for tougher gun laws in Indiana, and Donald Trump hires an Indiana political consultant. Plus preparing for Hillary Clinton's visit, a big Pacer trade and more.

Indiana Week in Review - Governor Candidates Talking Jobs

An Indiana man is arrested on his way to a California gay pride parade. The candidates for governor talk jobs, Democrats push a statewide Pre-K plan, Indiana Republicans fill their ticket plus immigration reform at the Statehouse, Kanye West and more.

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