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Goodbye to the Summit Inn, and hello new (very young) firefighters

We go to Wilson High School in El Sereno to talk with students in the brand new firefighter magnet school ... The destruction of the Summit Inn hits one community especially hard: the hot-rodders who traditionally stopped at the diner on the way to and from the Bonneville Salt Flats ... Advice for the new LA Rams from linebacker Roman Pfifer, who moved with the Rams from Anaheim to St Louis in 1995 ... Brains On, the science podcast for kids, takes some kids into a glass factory to see how the odd substance is made ... And why you should go to the Huntington right after you see "London Calling" at the Getty.

Moto babes, the Rams come home, and a Chinese Superman

Meet the East Side Moto Babes, a motorcycle club by women, for women; and the LAPD's class of 1966, men sworn-in the year after the Watts riots. With the Rams returning to town, and their first game this weekend at the Coliseum, we go to Tom Bergen's, the venerable Irish pub on Fairfax and home of the original LA Rams.

Duck Doc, Movie Mistakes, Hidden History

A vacant lot is one of downtown LA's most historic spots ... A local morning radio personality tells how her father chose to commit suicide rather than die of bladder cancer ... We'll go to the neighborhood that inspired Dexter Story latest jazz album ... Brains On explains how you get an allergic reaction to pollen ... The director of "A Million Dollar Duck," a new doc about the Federal Duck Stamp contest ... And Tim Cogshell puts together a DIY film festival of continuity errors.

The toll of the Sand Fire and Genndy Tartakovsky brings back 'Samurai Jack'

We'll take you to the devastating Sand Fire to meet a woman who lost her house, a man who almost did, and people who rescued horses ... Genndy Tartakovsky brings back 'Samurai Jack' after a long hiatus. Will he ever get home? ... The Getty scores two firsts with its new exhibit, "London Calling." ... We'll have the next piece in Priska Neely's series on teenage artists. This time, we'll meet a skinny gay Jewish teenage rapper who tells us why hip hop helps him feel more like himself.

The toll of the Sand Fire and Genndy Tartakovsky brings back 'Samurai Jack'

She's past 80 but not past her prime ... horsewoman rides the 67-mile Backbone Trail

An 81-year old woman riding the 67-mile trail over the Santa Monica Mountains ... The California African American Museum just announced a major grant and collaboration with the Smithsonian ... We remember Carolyn See, who once said, "When I started to write, I was relatively old, and lived in California. So I was the wrong sex, wrong age, wrong coast. Luckily, I was too ignorant to know it." ... We'll check in with KPCC's Mike Roe at Comic-Con to see if anybody's actually getting work done, or if they're all playing Pokemon Go ...

She's past 80 but not past her prime ... horsewoman rides the 67-mile Backbone Trail

Pokemon Go See Public Art

The Pokemon Go craze might get people to see more public art ... would you live in a murder house? Surf Punks!

Ringo, loquats, and a Skid Row artist you should meet

Meet an artist named Juanita Pina who lives on LA's Skid Row. We'll hear from Ringo Starr and talk with some of the hundreds of fans (like Scarlet, right) who celebrated his birthday with him in Hollywood. Tim Cogshell has another DIY film festival for Off-Ramp listeners, this time looking at 3 important films in the film noir style.

Japanese Brazilian American artist makes art world debut ... at 78.

Kenzi Shiokava's big break at the Hammer's "Made in LA" ... remembering the passion of Jim Hangley, owner of Mustangs Only! ... take a siesta in Nappify's sleep pods ... a day in the life of Little Arabia ... St Thomas More comes to LA ... Dogs v Fireworks

Garrison Keillor's exit interview, bootleg In-N-Out, Lakers' new coach

Garrison Keillor looks back on decades of Prairie Home, the Lakers hire their 4th coach in as many years and we taste test CaliBurger, Pasadena's newest In-N-Out Clone

For the first time, Nicholas Meyer's teenage movie

Wrath of Khan's director Nick Meyer shares the movie he made with his dad in the late 1950s ... sound intersection ideas, literally ... Pasadena's homeless champion retires after 21 years ... the last slavery movies you will ever need to see ...

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