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Climate One: Competition for Power

  Click here to listen to the program. SPEAKERS London Breed President, Board of Supervisors, San Francisco Matthew Freedman Staff Attorney, The Utility Reform Network Barbara Hale Assistant General Manager, San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s Power Enterprise Hunter Stern Business Representative, Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Geof Syphers CEO, Sonoma Clean Power Phil Ting California State [...]

Climate One: Arctic Melting and Rising

Click here for link to the podcast.   SPEAKERS: William Collins Director, Climate and Ecosystem Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Alex Levinson Executive Director, Pacific Environment   Sergey Petrov Consul General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco   Hilde Janne Skorpen Consul General for Norway in San Francisco     DESCRIPTION: Most Americans [...]

Climate One: EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy

This program is from May 13, 2015. LISTEN HERE When U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy sat down with Greg Dalton at The Commonwealth Club, the first point she wanted to stress is that the challenge of climate change presents an enormous economic opportunity. “We have solutions today that are being invested in today [...]

Cilmate One: Dealing with China with Hank Paulson

This program is from April 28, 2015. LISTEN HERE Hank Paulson believes that climate change is the biggest risk we face, and not just because of the environment.  “It’s the biggest economic risk we face,” says the former treasury secretary and co-chair of the Risky Business Project. But unlike the financial crisis of 2008, he warns, [...]

Climate One: Preparing for Weather Whiplash

This program is dated March 3, 2015. LISTEN HERE If anybody has seen the big picture when it comes to climate, it’s Kathryn Sullivan.  As a former NASA astronaut and the first woman to walk in space, she’s gotten more than a bird’s eye view. “When you get even a couple hundred miles away and [...]

Climate One: Green Asia

      LISTEN (Transcript also available by clicking LISTEN link.) This program was posted by ‘Climate One’, July 16, 2015. Industrialize now, clean up later – that’s long been the philosophy behind Asia’s booming economies. Dirty air, foul water, and hellishly overcrowded cities have threatened to choke the region’s impressive prosperity. But the tide [...]

Climate One: Cli-Fi, 2015

This program was recorded February 11, 2015. LISTEN HERE Host: Greg Dalton Guests: Jason Mark, Editor, Earth Island Journal; Kim Stanley Robinson, Author, 2312 (Thorndike Press, 2015) Novelists and filmmakers have been mining the rich world of science for generations. Throughout the last century, science fiction has turned to real-world threats, such as nuclear war [...]

Climate One: Climates and Lawns

This program was posted by ‘Climate One’ in June, 2015. LISTEN (Transcript also available by clicking LISTEN link.) Guests: Ellen Hanak, Senior Fellow and Center Director, Public Policy Institute of California; Felicia Marcus, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board; Paul Wenger, President, California Farm Bureau Federation; Marguerite Young, Director, Ward 3, East Bay Municipal Utility District Board “Droughts come [...]


This program was posted by ‘Climate One’ in March, 2015. LISTEN (Transcript also available.) Many Silicon Valley companies have committed to going 100% renewable. What are Facebook, Ebay and Yahoo! doing to build a cleaner, greener digital world? Guests: Gary Cook, Senior Policy Analyst, Greenpeace International Lori Duvall, Global Director, Green, eBay Christina Page, Global [...]

Climate One: William Reilly on the Pope’s Environmental Messege

This program was posted by ‘Climate One’ in June, 2015. WATCH HERE Bill Reilly, Senior Advisor at TPG, discusses the Pope’s message in his environmental encyclical. “I think the surprise is that his message is on several planes, it’s on the plane certainly of theology and morality. It also gets very close to the realm [...]

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