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Hosted by Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Voices in the Family hosts thoughtful discussions dealing with the many aspects of personality, psychology, and inter-personal relationships.More from Voices in the Family »

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Depression Screenings for Women During and After Pregnancy

An influential government-appointed panel of health experts has specifically called for depression screenings for women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Between eleven and twenty percent of women struggle with depression during this time in their lives. In their weekly discussion, WHYY's behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott and psychologist Dan Gottlieb discuss what effect these [...]

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An Intergenerational Look at Behavioral Health

In this first of Dr. Dan's Voices in the Family specials, he brings two young psychiatric residents together with their academic advisor. The four share experiences as the seasoned veterans look back while the residents in training look ahead.

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In light of recent terrorist violence and mass shootings, it sometimes seems scary to go to public places, or big gatherings.

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Does computer-based cognitive therapy work?

Does computer-based cognitive therapy work? Two studies involving a tool called "Mind Gym" found different results. In one study, aspiring physicians who were struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts reduced those thoughts drastically – but in another study, the tool did not prove to be very helpful. WHYY's behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott and psychologist [...]

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Gratitude and Transitions

It's Thanksgiving week --- and in between the football and turkey there's the thanks.

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Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and our Common Humanity

There was a time if you said meditation it conjured up hippies, communes and a certain amount of stereo-typing. But today, mindfulness has become mainstream in schools and hospitals and is recognized for its impact on mind and body.

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Anonymity, 12-steps and New Paths to Recovery

Anonymity has long been the staple of 12-step programs. But, lately there has been a trend toward self-disclosure especially by those in long-term recovery. Today's show looks at 12 steps, anonymity, and other paths to recovery. We'll discover an online project www.theroomsproject.org as a way to inspire others and combat stigma. And, how a parent who became a peer counselor wound up in the White House!

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Making work work across the generations

Baby Boomers remember the Spencer Tracy Kathryn Hepburn movie Desk Set – their characters clash over a giant computer and its place in the office.

Raising a Compassionate Child in an Age of Entitlement

Do schools still give grades for good citizenship? Should they? Are we raising children to have too much self-esteem? In an era of competition and uncertainty, parents are feeling the pressure to make sure their children have the best advantages.

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