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Support KCRW's public radio podcasts. Join online at KCRW.com or call 800-600-5279. The Business is the show about the business of show business. It goes beyond the glitz and glamour to the who, what, why and how of making movies and TV. The Business is hosted by respected entertainment industry journalist Kim Masters of the Hollywood Reporter and produced by KCRW. Each week The Business features an analysis of top Hollywood news with John Horn of the Los Angeles Times, in-depth interviews and the occasional feature story.More from KCRW's The Business »

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Headshots Go from Paper to Pixels; Shondaland's Betsy Beers

KCRW's Saul Gonzalez checks in on the headshot — still a staple of the industry despite changing technology. And executive producer Betsy Beers tells us why she's sick of talking about diversity and how an all-woman producing duo locked down Thursday nights on ABC.

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How Director Tom McCarthy Got 'Spotlight' Right

Despite a shrinking budget and difficult subject matter, director Tom McCarthy pulled together a stellar ensemble including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams to portray the unglamorous work of investigative reporting for his new movie Spotlight.

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Novelist and Screenwriter Nick Hornby on 'Brooklyn'

Nick Hornby has seen his novels like High Fidelity and About a Boy made into films. He's also adapted other writers' work for movies, including An Education,Wild, and now, Brooklyn, an immigrant love story already generating Oscar buzz.

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Bryan Cranston and Jay Roach on Telling 'Trumbo's' Story

Bryan Cranston and Trumbo director Jay Roach tell us how they ended up making a biopic about blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and what drew them to the story of Hollywood?s darkest hour.

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