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Brian Lehrer and his guests take on the issues dominating conversation in New York and around the world. This daily program from WNYC, New York Public Radio cuts through the usual talk radio punditry and brings a smart, humane approach to the day's events.More from The Brian Lehrer Show »

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Why the Internet Is Thriving as an Incubator for Hate

Joel Stein, columnist at Time magazine and author of Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity (Grand Central Publishing; ISBN-10: 0446573124, and Debjani Roy, deputy director of Hollaback! (an organization dedicated to ending harassment in public spaces), discuss how the culture of hate and trolling is terrorizing the internet, after actor Leslie Jones became a victim of cyberbullying last week. @BrianLehrer Women and POC can't even write about their normal lives free of trolling--LET ALONE write about issues and rights — danielle guercio (@_adhd) August 30, 2016

Under Pressure, Mylan Will Release Generic EpiPen

Mylan, the EpiPen maker announced that it will begin selling a new generic version of the EpiPen for half the current price. The move comes in response to mounting pressure from consumers after the drug company raised its prices 400 percent over the past decade. Carolyn Johnson Health Business Reporter for The Washington Post discussed the reason behind the recent price hike. "When a company has a virtual monopoly," Johnson explained, "they have a free runway to raise the price." There are other non-EpiPen brands out there, like Adrenaclick, but EpiPen has become a trusted brand with a lock on the market. "It's like Kleenex, if Kleenex saved your life," said Johnson. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch has shifted blame for the increased cost of the product away from Mylan and onto insurance companies with high deductibles. "The tough and complicated thing about drug prices is that there a lot of blame to go around," said Johnson. "It might be true that when the company raises its price not all of that money is going to the drug company, but at the same time they also take a slice of it."

A History of NYC Homelessness and Mayoral Policy

With the number of homeless families entering New York City shelters at an all time high, Thomas Main, professor at The School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College (CUNY) and the author of Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio (NYU Press, 2016) 1479896470, tells the story of NYC's mayors' struggles to deal with homelessness, from 1979, when the courts determined people had a right to shelter, through today.

One Betrayal Too Many: Decisions After Infidelity

Hillary Clinton's close aide Huma Abedin has announced she and her husband Anthony Weiner are separating after he was apparently sexting another woman (again). We asked listeners if they've ever been betrayed by their partners, what are the factors that go into your decision to stay...or go? @BrianLehrer Weiner is obviously an addict. He's lost family, job, humiliated everyone. He clearly needs help. — Eddie Brannan (@eddiebrannan) August 30, 2016 @BrianLehrer Betrayal is not sexual-- it is about honesty and manipulation. Lying in the betrayal. — galaxina500 (@galaxina500) August 30, 2016 Author + relationship counselor @jacpatrissi called in to give advice on infidelity in marriages. Buy her book here: — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) August 30, 2016

NFL Quarterback's Stand (to Not Stand for National Anthem)

Morgan Jerkins, writer and contributing editor at Catapult, and author of an essay for Rolling Stone "What Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest Tells Us About America," talks about the recent controversy over 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's protest actions before a preseason game and listeners call in with a whole array of different backgrounds with their opinions. @BrianLehrer Kaepernick doesn't have time for political correctness when there are police officer getting away with abusing their authority. — David R. Veloz (@David747Heavy) August 30, 2016 @BrianLehrer It seems so often for white people, "there is a time & a place" actually means "somewhere I don't have to see/hear it." — Christy Thornton (@llchristyll) August 30, 2016 @BrianLehrer ironic that people want to stifle free speech in the name of FREEDOM. — LaxMexMono (@GNapLaxMex) August 30, 2016

Picking up Tennis (and Other Lessons) Later in Life

Bob Litwin, world tennis champion and coach, Wall Street performance coach, and the author of Live the Best Story of Your Life: A World Champion's Guide to Lasting Change (Hatherleigh Press, 2016), and Gerald Marzorati, tennis writer for The New Yorker and the author of Late to the Ball: Age. Learn. Fight. Love. Play Tennis. Win. (Scribner, 2016), talk about their pursuits to become a nationally competitive tennis players later in life.

Graduate Students Win the Right to Form Unions

Last week, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that graduate students at private institutions have the right to unionize. Paul Katz, Columbia University graduate student, and Julie Kushner, director of UAW Region 9A, discuss the particulars of the ruling and what it means for teaching and research assistants at private schools.

Peace or Justice as Colombians Weigh Deal to End 50-Year War with 'FARC'

Nicholas Casey, Andes Bureau Chief at The New York Times, discusses the peace agreement between Colombian government and the country's largest rebel group, FARC, to end what has been the Americas' lengthiest war. This fall, Colombians must vote on the deal in an up-or-down referendum. FARC has vowed to lay down arms and rejoin society, but listeners from Colombia called in to say that there is reason to be suspicious of the rebel group which has terrorized the country for over half a century.

Peace or Justice as Colombians Weigh Deal to End 50-Year War with 'FARC'

Covering the Election with False Equivalencies

Glenn Thrush, chief political correspondent and a senior staff writer for POLITICO Magazine, Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate, and Cokie Roberts, political commentator for NPR and for ABC News Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868 ( Harper Perennial, 2016), discuss whether equating the two presidential candidates by political reporters distorts the 2016 election coverage.

Brian Lehrer Weekend: Reverend Barber, Making Makeup Safe, Farewell Soterios Johnson

A few of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them: Reverend William Barber (First) | Making Makeup Safe (Starts 35:54) | Farewell Soterios Johnson (Starts 45:54) If you don't subscribe to the Brian Lehrer Show on iTunes, you can do that here.

Brian Lehrer Weekend: Reverend Barber, Making Makeup Safe, Farewell Soterios Johnson

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