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A Conversation About Preventing Gun Violence

No country in the world – not at war with itself – witnesses more gun violence than we do and no one really disagrees that we need to work together to ...

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Movement Makers

The turbulent '60s were a breeding ground for social activists: Vietnam War protesters, environmentalists, hippies promoting free love. Now, we're...

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Panthers In The Super Bowl / Coal Ash Update

We get a morning-after look at Super Bowl 50 and an update on coal ash removal and storage.

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Friday News Roundup

Diane Rehm has been doing it for years and now, each Friday, Charlotte Talks will gather a panel of journalists from around our area to recap our top n...

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NC State Futurist Marshall Brain On 'The Second Intelligent Species'

Siri, Cortana and Google Now have become part of most people's lives. They're digital assistants – artificial intelligence. In essence, robots. We have...

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Most economists predicted a decent year for 2016 but right out of the gate we've seen troubling indicators. The stock market had its worst start ever w...

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Craft Beer's Growing Pains

In Charlotte, we seem flooded with craft beer. Actually, the craft beer revolution has taken off all over the country. The number of breweries and sale...

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Non-Discrimination Ordinance

A year after the Charlotte City Council narrowly rejected a controversial proposal to expand the city's non-discrimination ordinance, newly-elected may...

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Art In Unexpected Places

It isn't just new apartments that are popping up around town, art is too! And poetry. They're called Wall Poems and you'll find them on buildings and o...

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Grocery Store Wars

Hollywood is focused on Star Wars but here in Charlotte, we're in the midst of grocery wars. The battle is on for your food dollars as longtime, homegro...

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