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Fighting Fraud And Financial Crime

What's in your wallet? Do you have one of those new credit cards with the chip in it? Banks and card companies are issuing them because they make it...

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Meeting The Needs Of Young Adults With Autism

Few find it easy to transition from school to the adult world but for people with high-functioning Autism or Asperger's syndrome, it can be a real...

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Discovery Place's Body Worlds / The Panthers' Winning Streak Continues!

In this two part show we first meet a Charlotte woman whose career was shaped by a 2007 exhibit at Discovery Place, and next we talk about Panthers...

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Sister Simone Campbell Of 'Nuns on the Bus'

Sister Simone Campbell has been traveling the country talking about social justice. That conversation brought her to Charlotte once before, for the...

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Star Wars: Inside A Pop Culture Phenomenon

Tuesday, November 17 A long time ago – 1977 – in a galaxy far, far away the first Star Wars movie debuted. George Lucas's epic trilogy is a cultural...

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Creating Opportunity And Social Mobility In Charlotte

America used to pride itself on providing opportunities for advancement but it has become very clear in recent years that where you grow up and how you...

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Mike Collins And Chuck Klosterman (Recorded November 12 At Lenoir Rhyne University)

As part of Lenoir Rhyne University's Visiting Writer's Series, we talk with pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman. A best-selling author of six nonfiction...

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The Peace Corps In the 21st Century

President Kennedy started the Peace Corps over 50 years ago. It was a bold experiment sending volunteers from this country to help people in developing...

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The 2015 Flu Season And Public Health Update

We are already a few weeks into the annual flu season and everyone is being urged to get their flu shot. If you recall, last year's vaccine was only...

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Charlotte, Workforce Development, And Apprenticeship

In previous centuries, people took apprenticeships to learn a trade. Today, apprenticeships are returning as a way to prepare the next generation of...

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