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Gillian Tett: U.S. Managing Editor Of The Financial Times

For years, modern business has been organized around departments. That gives these businesses structure and organizational expertise – or so we thought. Actually, departments result in restricted thinking and the limiting of the flow of information. U.S. Managing Editor of The Financial Times, Gillian Tett, has written about this how this structure can lead to smart people sometimes making dumb decisions.

Emojis And The Future Of Language (Rebroadcast)

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate as well as the way we write and spell. And with emojis we don't have to do either. You can say things using pictures like our caveman ancestors. The use of emojis crosses generations. Are we dumbing down society or creating a new, creative visual language? Three language experts share their thoughts in an emoji free conversation on the topic.

Friday News Roundup

On this local news roundup, the Mecklenburg Board of Elections cuts the total hours for early voting. Governor McCrory asks the Supreme Court to reinstate our new voter laws. Donald Trump stops in Charlotte for a rally just days after making changes in his campaign staff. The Panthers lose a pre-season game and wrap-up their training camp in Spartanburg while the Hornets' arena is getting a new name. Our roundtable of reporters talks about those stories and more.

Voter ID

The Republican tidal wave in the 2010 mid-term election triggered a flurry of new state laws nationwide focused on the ballot box. North Carolina's Voter ID laws were part of that but recent court rulings have turned the tide in the opposite direction – striking those laws down. Now, state and local election officials are scurrying to comply with the court's ruling while the state is asking the Supreme Court to intervene. We look at both sides.

Third-Party Candidates In 2016

Republicans and Democrats have nominated candidates that rank among the most unpopular in recent history. But rather than holding their noses and voting for the least objectionable, some voters are taking a serious look at third-party candidates. And, those candidates are getting media attention. Are our perceptions of third-party candidates changing and how might that change the election? We look at those questions and the slate of third-party choices.

Health Of Our Water

There's a troubling controversy swirling around the quality of drinking water from wells near coal ash ponds. First, the state said it wasn't safe to drink. Now they say it is. The governor has accused a state scientist of lying and now his boss has resigned saying she can't work for a department or administration that would deliberately mislead the public So, how safe is our water and can we believe what we're told?

Bread, Wine And Chocolate: The Slow Loss Of Foods We Love (Rebroadcast)

All of us love food and most of us have favorite foods. Well, here's a shocker: some of our favorites like bread, chocolate, coffee and wine are under threat. Due to changes in agriculture and a loss of agricultural biodiversity the food chain is at risk. Think about this: 95 percent of the world's calories come from only 30 species.We take a closer look at the problem and at some possible solutions.

Friday News Roundup

On this week's local news roundup, protests break out before a CMS Board meeting about how teachers should handle transgender students. The board also began discussions on how to diversify magnet schools. The Whitewater Center reopens its rafting channels after being shut down in June because of a rafter's death. And the Olympics are going on in Rio with some athletes from here! Our roundtable of reporters discuss those stories and more. Plus, we'll be using theme music submitted by Samuel Flynn. Listen to it here.

Charlotte's Real Estate Market

Charlotte's housing market is hot. Buyers have gotten into bidding wars with each other. Some have resorted to writing love letters to sellers in an effort to convince owners to sell to them. Construction cranes dot the landscape and because home inventory is low, prices are up. In the middle of this hot month, we take the temperature of real estate – residential and commercial – with an eye toward where it's headed and how it compares to the run up to the last bubble.


Hacking is a reality in the digital world in which we live. Recently, hackers penetrated the Democratic National Committee's emails and, again, raised questions about the vulnerability of the technology we use in our elections and our everyday lives. What are the weak links in the nation's cybersecurity? What can you do to avoid being an unwitting actor in these attacks? We hear from local experts on that.

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