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For Better Or For Worse, Selfies Will Be Coming Along On Your Next Vacation

It's time to discuss something controversial. A topic so polarizing it has the potential to tear the very fabric of our society: The selfie. Visit any p...

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Study: Seattle Police Overwhelmingly Support Partnerships With Mental Health Professionals

Every time a cop goes out on a call, chances are good that the encounter will be with someone suffering from mental illness. It's the reason the Seattle...

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Sen. Patty Murray Calls On Federal Regulators To Ban 'Conversion Therapy' For Gay Youth

What's known as "conversion therapy" — designed to turn gay kids 
straight — is legal in most states, including Washington. U.S. Senator Patty Murray is...

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Boeing Says It's Cutting An Undisclosed Number Of Jobs To Bring Down Costs

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Chief Executive Ray Conner told employees during a webcast that the company will cut an undisclosed number of jobs as a way ...

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Food for Thought: Asian Restaurants Spell Romance For Nance

Leson here, holding the quill for Stein. Like me – and unlike the millions of Americans who celebrate Valentine's Day (or as Stein calls it, "National...

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UW Researchers Report Price Data After Seattle's Minimum Wage Increase

Seattle was the first big city to adopt a $15 minimum wage law, and now there's new research on how that's affected the prices we pay at stores and...

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For Those With Health Insurance, Surprise Medical Bills Can Be A Hard Pill To Swallow

When you go to a doctor or hospital that is part of your insurance plan, you can sometimes get hit with bills requiring you to pay the full amount.

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Rideshare May Be Tempting Option For Parents, But Is It Legal?

Ask any parent about their biggest challenge — it's all about the logistics. How to get Suzy to ballet when Johnny has soccer? And your teenager won't...

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What Is Methanol And What Hazards Does It Pose?

On Wednesday, Tacoma residents will get another chance to weigh in on a plan for what could become the world's biggest methanol plant. A lot of people h...

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Art Lande Quartet Reunion At Earshot Festival

Jazz Northwest, Sunday, February 7 at 2 PM Pacific on 88.5 KPLU, simultaneous streaming at . The quartet of musical friends reassembled on the...

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