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UW Researchers Report Price Data After Seattle's Minimum Wage Increase

Seattle was the first big city to adopt a $15 minimum wage law, and now there's new research on how that's affected the prices we pay at stores and...

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For Those With Health Insurance, Surprise Medical Bills Can Be A Hard Pill To Swallow

When you go to a doctor or hospital that is part of your insurance plan, you can sometimes get hit with bills requiring you to pay the full amount.

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Rideshare May Be Tempting Option For Parents, But Is It Legal?

Ask any parent about their biggest challenge — it's all about the logistics. How to get Suzy to ballet when Johnny has soccer? And your teenager won't...

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What Is Methanol And What Hazards Does It Pose?

On Wednesday, Tacoma residents will get another chance to weigh in on a plan for what could become the world's biggest methanol plant. A lot of people h...

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Art Lande Quartet Reunion At Earshot Festival

Jazz Northwest, Sunday, February 7 at 2 PM Pacific on 88.5 KPLU, simultaneous streaming at . The quartet of musical friends reassembled on the...

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Going Solo: Sound Effect, Episode 56

This week's episode of "Sound Effect" contains adult language that may not be suitable for all audiences. "Sound Effect" is your weekly tour of ideas, i...

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Lost Hiker Turns To Faith (And A Balloon) As Motivation To Keep Going

Sarah Brandabur was no stranger to hiking. Before heading out, she would read up on the trails, check the weather conditions, and have a pretty solid i...

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How Socking Away Cash Today Allows You To Sock It To The Jerks Of Tomorrow

The following essay contains adult language that may not be suitable for all audiences. It was originally published on Billfold (which, by the way, mak...

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Man Who Created Solitaire For Windows Was Just Happily 'Wasting Time'

Who do we have to thank for countless wasted hours playing Solitaire on the computer over the last twenty-five or so years? Wes Cherry didn't invent so...

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Why Is Roger Valdez Lonely? And Is That So Bad?

Roger Valdez is known for his work in politics and as an advocate for micro-housing with Smart Growth Seattle and he walks that walk by living in an ap...

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