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KCRW's To the Point


Hosted by Warren Olney, To the Point is a fast-paced, news based one-hour daily national program that focuses on the hot-button issues of the day, co-produced by KCRW and Public Radio International. Featuring three discrete segments - Newsmaker, Main Topic, Reporter's Notebook - To the Point presents informative and thought-provoking back-and-forth discussion. A mix of guests cover a range of concerns - politics, international affairs, technology, the environment - the front-page stories that attract a savvy news audience. Olney and his talented team of producers understand that the key to a good program is casting. With one of the richest rollodexes in broadcasting, the producers spend considerable time and effort selecting the guests. The line-up is constructed to juxtapose ideas that illuminate the issue. Olney gets to the point with hard-hitting questions that advance the story. He keeps the pace of the program fast and exciting. And the result is smart, relevant radio.More from KCRW's To the Point »

Most Recent Episodes

Trump foreign policy takes shape, or does it?

Donald Trump's nominees to lead the CIA and the Pentagon have told Senate Committees they'll have no trouble disagreeing with the President Elect when he's in the White House. What will that mean for their chances of confirmation?

Trump foreign policy takes shape, or does it?

Welcome to Donald Trump's Washington

Donald Trump held his first news conference in six months—staged at Trump Tower in New York — while his cabinet nominees were being scrutinized by Senate Committees in Washington. We look at today's political drama from Trump Tower to the vetting of nominees for Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Race relations after Obama

The election and re-election of the first black president led to predictions of a "post-racial" America. Today, we talk about Barack Obama's eight years in the White House and what they mean for the future.

Trump's icy relationship with US intelligence

Donald Trump has tweeted that only "fools" and "stupid people" don't want closer relations between the US and Russia — despite intelligence findings. When he gets to the White House, will he make peace with the CIA, the FBI and America's massive network of spies and covert activities?

Trump's icy relationship with US intelligence

Trump and American labor: A love story?

In a rare political moment, the head of the AFL-CIO has expressed some agreement with the Republican President-elect. But how far is Donald Trump willing to go on behalf of working Americans? We look for answers among his appointees to offices that can make a difference.

Donald Trump's war on US intelligence

Donald Trump, his aides and many supporters have said that US Intelligence agencies have not produced enough evidence to convince them that Russia tried to influence the US election. Is Trump onto something American spies don't know, or is he concerned that reports of Russian influence will de-legitimize his election?

America's role in world... after Obama


The state of the nation after Obama

One politician's "achievements" are another's "mistakes that urgently need correction." We look at what president Obama will leave behind when his second term ends three weeks from now.

Money for nothin': The case for universal basic income

Universal basic income is an idea people on both the Left and Right have kicked around for decades. But it has newfound currency because of the gig economy and automation replacing workers. On this special rebroadcast of To the Point, guest host Barbara Bogaev discusses the pros and cons of Uncle Sam cutting everyone a check.

Money for nothin': The case for universal basic income

Talking Points: About 2016

In this tumultuous year for American politics, that wasn't the only thing to talk about. Every day we bring you a Talking Point about an issue or an event that's helping define the national conversation even though it's not leading the news. Today, we bring you a collection of our favorites.

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