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Hosted by Warren Olney, To the Point is a fast-paced, news based one-hour daily national program that focuses on the hot-button issues of the day, co-produced by KCRW and Public Radio International. Featuring three discrete segments - Newsmaker, Main Topic, Reporter's Notebook - To the Point presents informative and thought-provoking back-and-forth discussion. A mix of guests cover a range of concerns - politics, international affairs, technology, the environment - the front-page stories that attract a savvy news audience. Olney and his talented team of producers understand that the key to a good program is casting. With one of the richest rollodexes in broadcasting, the producers spend considerable time and effort selecting the guests. The line-up is constructed to juxtapose ideas that illuminate the issue. Olney gets to the point with hard-hitting questions that advance the story. He keeps the pace of the program fast and exciting. And the result is smart, relevant radio.More from KCRW's To the Point »

Most Recent Episodes

DNC Day 1: Looking for Brotherly Love

Before the opening gavel, the Democratic convention is looking as dis-unified as the Republicans. We get a preview of what's to come.

Turkey's Fragile Democracy Under Siege

Turkey's crucial role in the Middle East may be changing after the failed coup against President Erdogan. The team sent to assassinate him hasn't been found yet. We hear about potential repercussions for NATO and the United States.

RNC Day 4: How Does the Trump Show End?

Whatever Donald Trump himself says tonight in a bid for unity, disputes over the "Soul of the Party" are bound to continue — win or lose in November. The management of the convention has raised questions about the potential staff in a Trump White House.

RNC Day 3: "Make America First Again"

A divided convention nominated Donald Trump for president last night. There's two days left for Republicans to achieve a degree of unity and pronounce a formula for governing a changing America.

RNC Day 2: The Trump UN-Convention

It's Day Two of the Republican convention in Cleveland. We hear about yesterday's highlights and lowlights and hear what's likely in tonight's prime-time production.

RNC Day 1: "Make America Safe Again"

Against a background of police killings, terrorism and an attempted coup in Turkey, Republicans are gathered in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump.

France Renews State of Emergency as The World Watches in Horror

Last night in the city of Nice, France saw it's third major terror attack in the past 19 months, with at least 84 people killed and two hundred injured. Despite political calls for action, intelligence officials from France to the United States admit they're at a loss to prevent attacks on crowds that come without any warning.

France Renews State of Emergency as The World Watches in Horror

Obamacare and Reviving the Public Option

Donald Trump has promised repeal of President Obama's major achievement: the Affordable Care Act. Now even Obama is proposing a major change—the "public option" pushed by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Would that save Obamacare? Would it have a chance of passing the House and the Senate?

The Unconventional GOP Convention

Republicans are famous for nominating conventions that run so smoothly it's a challenge for anybody but delegates to stay awake. Next week's meeting in Cleveland is going to be very different, as we'll hear on our program.

Moving Beyond the Racial Crossfire

The election of Barack Obama raised high hopes that America's legacy of racism had finally been overcome. But, after a week of deadly violence, the nation—and the President—face a very different reality.

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