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KCRW's Second Opinion


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Doctors' Right to Choose

If doctors choose, patients loose.

The Violent Brain

Is it the seed or the soil?

Doctor's Racial Bias

Does skin color really make a difference?

A Medical Who Done It

How did a group of people ended up with cow tuberculosis?

Gender in Elite Sports

What defines a female athlete other than lower pay?

Physical Pain Linked to Economic Pain

America's pain epidemic has its roots in social determinants.

The Heavy Cost of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

It's no longer just drugs but now genetic testing.

The Extinction of a Vital Measure of Quality Control

How will we ever know without an autopsy?

The Role of Government in Health

Do we really want to raise the age when an adult can purchase cigarettes?

Futility and Doctors in Training

The impact of moral distress can be long lasting.

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