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A few minutes of medical information from the practical to the political.

Most Recent Episodes

Two Health Systems That Co-exist

Ayurvedic Medicine and its new sibling ?western medicine?...

TB in Elephants

Disease spread from humans to animals.

Culture and Gender in Sri Lanka

How do you change long held beliefs?

Animal: Human Conflict

We're all from the same family...

Where Do They Get These FDA Advisory Committees?

Recommendations to approve two drugs that are not ready for prime time.

On the Ground in Nepal

We need to proceed with care.


Sometime our help isn't really help.

One Health ? New Evidence on the Environment ? Body Link

It turns out air pollution impacts far more than our lungs.

Use of Placebos in Africa

Is deception ok when it helps the patient?

Trade Agreements and Tobacco Products

What are our global priorities? 

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