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Community Theater About The Community

There may be nothing that excites a performer more than performing on a new stage. So excitement is likely rampant at Random People Theater Project in Humboldt County. The group, composed of amateurs and old pros, performed for years at the Mateel Center in Redway, but just moved to a new home in Garberville. It's not just theater IN the community, it is theater ABOUT the community... Random People encourages stories from the region, written by local people about local people.

Looking To True North For Guidance

People seeking justice--economic, social, environmental--have a place on the compass on the North Coast of California. True North Organizing Network brings together people who feel marginalized in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Tribal members, immigrants and more have allies in True North.

Old Favorite: "The End Of Night"

Blast from the Past: Summer nights are excellent for viewing the night sky. Especially in August, when the Perseid meteor shower puts on something like a natural fireworks show. But in much of the world, lights from the ground tend to obscure our view of the lights from the sky. Paul Bogard wrote about this in his book The End Of Night.

Oregon Pitches Pot Avoidance To Teens

One of the major concerns about marijuana becoming legal for personal use in Oregon was the possibility of younger people getting a hold of the drug. Opponents of legalization pointed to "edibles," food items laced with marijuana, as a major concern. Now marijuana AND the edibles are legal in Oregon, and the state Health Authority is launching a campaign to discourage pot use among adolescents. The "Stay True to You" campaign targets 12-to-20-year-olds.

Homeless Teen Shelter Takes Shape In Eugene

Being a teenager is tough enough without having to worry about having a roof over your head. But plenty of teens have that worry; enough in the Eugene area to prompt the creation of a shelter for homeless high school students. The Saint Vincent De Paul Society of Lane County bought a vacant church in South Eugene with the intention of housing more than a dozen homeless students. If all goes as planned, it could open in the fall of 2017.

BLM, Applegate Valley Residents Face Off On Timber Sale

Trees grow slowly, and it sometimes appears as if forest management plans take a similar amount of time to take shape. So it is with the Nedsbar Forest Management Project in the Applegate Valley, a responsibility of the Medford office of the Bureau of Land Management. BLM says the tree stands are overstocked and in need of thinning. Environmental groups say the plans would remove healthy, fire-resistant trees. We hear two sides of the project, beginning with BLM rep Kristi Mastrofini talking about the attributes of the sale. Then Luke Ruediger checks in with the alternative proposed by the Applegate Neighborhood Network and the Klamath Forest Alliance.

Trees At The Tipping Point

If the Earth's problem is too much carbon in the atmosphere and trees soak up carbon, will more trees head off climate change? Maybe not, according to recently published research. Noah Charney at the University of Arizona and his team find trees all over North America stressed by higher-than-normal temperatures, and stressed trees grow more slowly.

Body Cameras For Firefighters In Police-Poor Areas

The lack of sheriff's deputies in Josephine County creates issues for emergency workers who are NOT officers of the law. Because the situations that lead to medical and fire calls are often police situations as well. And with no police around, emergency crews can find themselves in danger. That's why the chief at the Wolf Creek Rural Fire Protection District wants body cameras on his firefighters... to keep a record of potential problems, if not help prevent them. Steve Scruggs is getting some help from

VENTSday: Violence + Wolves

Scarcely a day goes by without some horrific act of violence--with multiple deaths--making the news. Your reaction to that violence is our key topic on VENTSday this week. For an alternative, tell our audience your feelings about the proposal to removal federal protections for gray wolves. VENTSday removes the guests and puts listener comments front and center on The Exchange. Once a week, it's all about you... we plop a pair of topics on the table, post a survey on our Facebook page, and open the phone lines and email box for live comments. The topics can range from presidential politics to how you spend your days off. Got an observation or opinion? Share it with the State of Jefferson on VENTSday.

Putting The Con In Carnival (Or Something Like That)

It's county fair season around the region. Along with the cows, sheep, and 4-H kids come the carnivals, rides, and games of chance. They've cleaned up a lot over the years, but traveling carnivals used to be a great place to lose money. Eugene's Peter Fenton knows firsthand... he learned the tricks of the trade years ago; learned how to con people at the carnival. He tells about it in his book Eyeing The Flash.

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