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Us & Them explores all sides of the cultural issues that too often divide us. Peabody Award-winner Trey Kay brings us stories that may make you rethink your opinions on religion, sexuality, and other important issuesMore from Us & Them »

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Deanna, Tymel & Amarie

Deanna McKinney's been through one of the hardest things a parent can endure. Her teenage son was gunned down on her front porch by a kid looking to join a gang. Now she's making meaning out of the tragedy by working to ensure a better community for the daughter her son left behind.

Amazing Grace

Everyone knows the song. People who don't consider themselves spiritual or religious find it meaningful. John Newton penned the hymn to connect with Christians, but it has transcended that and become a folk song and an anthem for civil rights. The origins of the song are complicated — Newton was a slave trader who did not renounce slavery until long after he wrote it.

Sodomy, Stonewall & Pride

Not that long ago, you could get locked up for being gay. A West Virginia man tells Trey about being sent to a mental institution for violating sodomy laws. While standing in front of the historic Stonewall Inn in NY's Greenwich Village, gay activist Brendan Fay tells Trey how things have changed over the past five decades for LGBT people in America and around the world.

The Elephant in the (Class) Room: How I Survived Iraq and Vassar College

After four years of driving a tank in Iraq, David Carrell, a Republican from Texas, had the opportunity to study at a liberal college in the northeast. He tells Trey what he's observed about Red and Blue America.

The Elephant in the (Class) Room: How I Survived Iraq and Vassar College

Gentrification: That Kumbayah Moment

When a neighborhood transforms, newcomers can feel unwelcome, while longtime residents feel threatened. But is there a sweet spot when everyone in the community lives in harmony?

What I Learned About Empathy from a Textbook

Empathy... it's a word we've heard a lot in the past year. But what is it? And do we need it? Trey explains what he learned about empathy from... a textbook!

Reasserting Femme Voice

North Carolina repealed its notorious bathroom law, but not necessarily for the better. Transsexuals remain outside NC's equal protection laws—whether in the bathroom or in the workplace. All of this has got me thinking about my friend Anne Kelly.

Love, the Ayatollah & Revolution

Essi and Katie fell in love before the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution and growing antipathy between America and Ayatollah Khomeini. Despite many fantastic twists and dangerous turns, their love has triumphed over archenemies' hatred.

Coming Out of the Closet

Where some Trump supporters have been loud and proud, others have remained in the shadows. With the new boss installed, it's "olly olly in come free!" Trey speaks with Trump voters about their hopes, dreams and expectations.

Serious as a Heart Attack

An Us and Them conversation turns ugly and Trey loses it. He becomes concerned about with his physical, mental and spiritual health.

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