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The Modern West is a rich collection of news and cultural stories from the Mountain West. Features, interviews, oral history, readings, and more offer a snapshot of Western life.More from The Modern West »

Most Recent Episodes

The Modern West #20: U.S. Citizens Incarcerated In The West

It's the 75 th anniversary of an executive order that incarcerated thousands of Japanese Americans in internment camps across the nation. This episode includes first-hand accounts from this era.

The Modern West #19: Women Run The West, Part 2

In the final part of this series, we ask why Western women still lag in political power even though they got the right to vote almost 150 years ago?

The Modern West #18: A Look Back And A Look Ahead

It's a new literary edition, exploring Wyoming's past, present, and future through conversations with authors.

The Modern West #17: Western Coal On The Rocks

It's been a tough year for the coal industry and the communities that depend on it. Can Wyoming adapt?

The Modern West #16: Women Run The West, Part 1

Women are running , but they aren't winning the West. Western women got the right to vote almost 150 years ago, so why do they still lag in political power?

The Modern West #15: Out In The West

How equal is the "Equality State?" This month's show explores progress and problems for Wyoming's LGBT citizens.

The Modern West #14: Children Of The West

The back-to-school episode. Young Wyomingites experience opportunities and challenges.

The Modern West #13: The Poets Of The Prairie

Wyoming's vast landscapes and rugged lifestyles offer plenty of poetic inspiration.

The Modern West #12: Wide-Ranging Sounds On The Open Range

The old saw may be "We play both kinds of music, Country AND Western," but melody in the mountains is more than guitars and campfires.

The Modern West #11: Eats And Drinks

This month we're putting specialty coffee, locally distilled spirits, and goat meat on the menu. Hear what's happening in the Western kitchen.

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