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Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane


A thought-provoking, engaging and timely call-in program that tackles wide-ranging issues of concern to listeners in the Delaware Valley, the nation and beyond. Hosted by Marty Moss-Coane.More from Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane »

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Jeffrey Stern's "The Last Thousand: One School's Promise in a Nation at War"

10pm broadcast Guest: Jeffrey Stern At the Marefat School in Afghanistan boys and girls learn side by side about how to think independently and question authority. The school's secular curriculum values civic participation and the arts. It's all [...]

Jeffrey Stern's "The Last Thousand: One School's Promise in a Nation at War"

Do Protests Matter?

GUESTS: U.S. REPRESENTATIVE BONNIE WATSON COLEMAN, TODD GITLIN, THOMAS WRIGHT Is marching an effective way to express dissatisfaction? What about tweeting? As many Americans are concerned over the legitimacy of President-elect Donald Trump's victory, voters and politicians alike [...]

Hollywood vs. Trump; first, Chelsea Manning

Guests: Dan Ozzi, Joe Concha, David James Jackson Presidential inaugurations have a long tradition of bringing some of the entertainment industry's top talents to celebrate the swearing in of a new president. And despite his claims that he [...]

Following up with Trump voters; then, Mike Pence's role

Guests: Eleanor Klibanoff, Jessica Tirpak, Carolyn Bonkoski, Lynette Villano, Tom LoBianco We begin today's show by following up with Donald Trump voters in advance of his inauguration on Friday. First, we'll listen to a piece from Keystone Crossroads [...]

Learning a foreign language and preserving endangered ones

Guests: Rosemary Feal, Ellen Bialystok, David Harrison Americans are losing their foreign language fluency. Fewer of us speak a second language with any proficiency. This hour we'll discuss why language requirements in schools have been declining and why [...]

The First Lady: The legacy of Michelle Obama

Guests: Veronica Chambers, Jodi Kantor The First Lady leaves the White House with higher approval ratings than her husband. Michelle Obama is well known for her rousing, passionate speeches, her Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity, her White [...]

The Future of the ACA

Guests: Dan Diamond, James Carpetta, Mollyann Brodie As promised since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, Republicans have vowed to abolish it. In this hour of Radio Times, we'll talk about the future of the Affordable [...]

Revisiting King's Letter from Birmingham Jail

Guest: Jonathan Rieder [REBROADCAST] Fifty years ago this spring, from his cramped, dirty jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, Martin Luther King, Jr. drafted a letter in response to eight, white moderate clergymen who had issued a statement criticizing [...]

Revisiting King's Letter from Birmingham Jail

"The Unseen World"

Hour 2 Guest: Liz Moore When Ada's brilliant, single father begins to decline in health, she finds herself virtually alone and parentless. Thus begins Ada's exploration into the secrets of her father's past and into the man he [...]

An Economic forecast

Guests: Mark Zandi, Philliip Swagel President Obama leaves office with an economy mostly recovered from the 2008 recession. The unemployment rate is at a nine-year low, housing prices are high, average hourly wages are rising, the value of [...]

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