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Measure AA Seeks Parcel Tax to Protect Bay Area from Rising Seas

On June 7, voters in the nine Bay Area counties will decide whether or not to pass a $12-a-year parcel tax aimed at combating the effects of rising sea levels in the region. Opponents of the tax don't like that it charges individual homeowners the same amount as large corporations with coastal campuses. The measure requires 2/3 of all votes cast in order to pass. In this segment, we'll dig into the details of the measure and hear from its supporters and critics.

Massive Redevelopment Underway for Treasure Island

Construction has begun to bring 8,000 new housing units to San Francisco's Treasure Island, along with hotels, park lands, new infrastructure and a ferry service. At the same time, billionaire filmmaker George Lucas is reportedly in talks with the city to bring an art museum to the island. We discuss the history of Treasure Island and the economic, social and environmental impacts of the changes ahead.

Foreign Workers at Tesla Spotlight a Visa System Vulnerable to Fraud

A recent San Jose Mercury News investigation accused Tesla Motors of using grossly underpaid, overworked, foreign laborers to build a new facility. The report has exposed the potential abuse of simple business visas, which were used by the approximately 140 Eastern European workers subcontracted to Tesla. Forum discusses the investigation into Tesla and whether the misuse of visas, and the exploitation of foreign labor is widespread in Silicon Valley.

California Youth, Latino Voter Registration Surging as Monday's Deadline Looms

California voters have until Monday to register or to change party affiliation for the June 7 presidential primary. The primary contest has sparked a sharp increase in new voter registrations, especially among Democrats, Latinos and youth, and the newly registered are expected to number more than two million by Monday's deadline. We discuss the implication of these registration trends and how and where to register if you've moved, changed your name or have just become eligible to vote.

Ro Khanna Challenges Eight Term Incumbent in 17th Congressional District

As part of Forum's Election 2016 coverage, we'll talk with Ro Khanna, candidate for the California's 17th district in the U.S. House of Representatives which includes Silicon Valley. This is the second time Khana, who served in the Obama administration as deputy assistant secretary of commerce, has challenged Rep Mike Honda. We'll talk with him about his platform, which includes investing in K-through-12 education and making colleges affordable.

Journalist William Finnegan's Pulitzer Prize Winning Surfing Memoir

New Yorker journalist William Finnegan has covered armed conflicts in Africa and urban poverty in the United States. But for decades he shied away from writing about his personal passion: surfing. Last year, Finnegan published a memoir, "Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life," that describes his journey from boyhood to manhood catching waves in California, Hawaii, and the Polynesian islands. The book recently won a Pulitzer Prize. We'll talk with Finnegan about surfing, his journalism and maintaining both into old age.

SFPD Police Chief Greg Suhr Resigns Amid Protest

At a press conference Thursday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced that he asked Police Chief Greg Suhr to resign. Suhr's resignation came just hours after an unarmed black woman was fatally shot by San Francisco police. Chief Suhr has been dogged by demands that he step down as criticism mounts over a series of officer involved shootings and several scandals involving racist and homophobic text messages among officers. Forum discusses the crisis and what is next for the SFPD.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Draws on Capitol Hill Experience in Race for U.S. Senate

Loretta Sanchez has represented parts of Orange County for ten terms in the United States Congress. As Sanchez battles Democratic front-runner Kamala Harris for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat, Sanchez has highlighted her work on sexual assault and human trafficking issues, her foreign policy experience and her vote against invading Iraq. But her campaign has been dogged by by several gaffes that offended Muslims and Native Americans. As part of Forum's Election 2016 coverage, we talk to Sanchez about her record in Congress and platform for Senate.

El Cerrito's Arhoolie Records Goes to Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways, the museum and record label that preserves significant works, is acquiring El Cerrito-based Arhoolie Records and its vast archive of roots, blues and rural music. Arhoolie founder Chris Strachwitz was instrumental in finding and recording musicians from the rural south like Big Mama Thornton, Mississippi Freddy McDowell, and Flaco Jimenez. In this hour we'll learn about the role Arhoolie played in developing America's trademark sounds and what's next for the storied label.

Egyptian Activist Ahmed Salah on his Odyssey from Revolutionary to Exilee

In 2011, Ahmed Salah stood in Cairo's Tahrir Square alongside thousands of other protesters he helped organize against the autocratic regime of Hosni Mubarak. It was a joyous moment for Salah, who had endured years of arrests, beatings and mock executions as a democratic activist in Egypt. But the joy was short lived: soon after the protests, Salah narrowly avoided an assassination attempt and was forced to flee to the United States. He joins us to discuss his book, "You Are Under Arrest for Masterminding the Egyptian Revolution" and his struggle to make a life in San Francisco.

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