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KQED Science explores science and environment news, trends and events from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with its award-winning, multimedia reporting on television, radio and the Web.More from KQED Science Audio Podcast »

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The Generation That Survived a Death Sentence—Three Times

Many people with the rare blood disorder hemophilia never expected to be alive today. But many are now facing retirement thanks to improved treatment.

Inside Tesla's Mysterious Desert Battery Factory

It'll be the largest battery factory on the planet and Tesla is betting it'll be revolutionary.

Too Much Solar in California? Not If You Bottle It

On sunny spring days, California's solar plants sometimes have to shut down because there's more energy on the grid than we need. But some innovators have better ideas.

What Will California Do With Too Much Solar?

California is adding solar and wind power at record levels. So it might seem odd that on some days, the state has to tell big solar farms to turn off.

Was March the Rainfall Miracle We'd Hoped For?

Northern California's winter rains weren't enough to end the drought, but it's the most precipitation we've had in five years.

What Californians Need to Know About Zika Virus

Californians have only gotten Zika traveling abroad, say public health officials, but there's plenty else to know about prevention.

Catching Storm Runoff Could Ease Droughts, But It's No Quick Fix

While many stormwater capture projects remain on the drawing board, some residents aren't waiting around.

There's a Cancer-Causing Chemical in My Drinking Water, But California Isn't Regulating It

The state water board considers setting a maximum contaminant level for drinking water that contains a dangerous chemical affecting drinking water across California.

There's a Cancer-Causing Chemical in My Drinking Water, But California Isn't Regulating It

California Reservoirs Are Dumping Water in a Drought, But Science Could Change That

Advanced weather models could remove some the guesswork and leave more water behind dams.

California's Water Supply at Risk From Warmer Winters

The Sierra Nevada snowpack is crucial to the state's water supply, and warmer winters are putting it at risk.

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