Aw Jeez: A 'Fargo' podcast

Aw Jeez: A 'Fargo' podcast

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"Aw Jeez" is a "Fargo" recap podcast from the frozen land of murder and mayhem: Minnesota. Every week we discuss what went down and who's dead now. Historians, comedians, mob experts and more stop by to discuss all the season two happenings.

Most Recent Episodes

Bonus: Noah Hawley dishes on Season 3

Creator Noah Hawley shares new details about what's coming next season, and how he picks his Minnesota locations.

Bonus: The Kitchen Brothers speak!

Yes, the season may be over, but that doesn't mean Fargo fans are done speculating and looking for answers to lingering questions. Tracy and Jay discuss some of the most pressing loose ends and finally get an answer to the question: What do the Kitchen Brothers sound like? Brad and Todd Mann join us to talk about the challenges and the fun in playing the dapper and silent Kitchen Brothers.

Episode 10 recap: An act of cruelty

Who survived the sprawling Midwestern mayhem? The end of the second season of "Fargo" brings it home to Minnesota. Plus: We interview Adam Arkin, the director of this season's final two episodes and the actor behind Kansas City corporate boss Hamish Broker.

Bonus: How to talk Minnesotan

The television show "Fargo" has people split: Are the accents accurate or over-the-top? A dialect coach gives a crash course in the Minnesota sound.

Episode 9 recap: It's just a flying saucer, honey

The promise of a massacre at Sioux Falls is finally fulfilled. The "Fargo" body count hits double digits at the Motor Motel. Plus: We talk to costume designer Carol Case about how to achieve a vintage look on a show where there's a lot of blood.

Bonus: A follow-up discussion on Hanzee Dent with Heid Erdrich

So much happened in episode 8, we asked Erdrich back to discuss and analyze the latest turns in the story of Hanzee Dent and the Gerhardts.

Episode 8 recap: You gonna be nice?

Peggy and Ed Blumquist get away to the cabin for the weekend — and they have a man in their trunk for the trip. Plus: We talk to poet and writer Heid Erdrich. She grew up in North Dakota in the '70s and is Ojibwe. She shares her take on the show's treatment of Native American characters and what rings true about the depiction of 1979 in the Upper Midwest.

Episode 7 recap: The undertaker is coming

Show creator Noah Hawley said last night's episode of 'Fargo' was one of his favorite in the series — it was also one of the most brutal. We discuss everything that went down and we interview actor Emily Haine, who plays Noreen Vanderslice on the show.

Episode 6 recap: Kiss my grits

The Gerhardt crime family storms little Luverne, Minn. with mixed results. (Beware the cattle prod.) And we talk to Ted Danson's real-life counterpart, Rock County Sheriff Evan Verbrugge. He tells us what Luverne is really like and about his own encounter with some mysterious lights.

Episode 5 recap: A rendezvous with destiny

In episode five, it's all out war — and Ronald Reagan has arrived, just in time. Plus: We talk to "Fargo" music supervisor Maggie Phillips about the '70s, character anthems and what went into shaping the soundtrack of the show.

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