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The Leap

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KQED's storytelling podcast about people making dramatic, risky changes, told by award-winning public radio reporters Amy Standen and Judy Campbell.More from The Leap »

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S2 Episode 2: The Big Pitch

San Francisco International High School is the city's only high school exclusively for recently arrived immigrants. But you can also think of it as a factory. What comes in are immigrant teenagers speaking 18 different languages, including Arabic, Russian, Tagalog and Spanish. Many haven't been to school in years. Some have never used a three-ring ... Continue reading S2 Episode 2: The Big Pitch →

Out of the Pond

Tesilya Hanauer grew up on a commune deep in a Northern California forest. When she was five, her mother joined a nomadic group of people whose philosophy involved breaking the bond between mother and child. They were called the Shivalila, and they believed that if parental bonds were severed, a communal consciousness might emerge that ... Continue reading Out of the Pond →

Episode 4: The Improbable Transformation of a Punk Pioneer

James Williamson became a punk rock legend as part the 1970s band The Stooges. But, a few years into it, he just walked away.

Episode 6: My Name Is Shawn and I Prefer He

Lately we've heard a lot of stories about people who, after years in the closet, found the courage to come out as transgender. But for Shawn, courage was never the problem.

Episode 5: Caught in a Pipe

It started with a knocking sound, then whispers, then the strange conviction that he could read people's minds. In this story, we meet Frankie as he sprints away from his history of mental illness and toward the "normal" life he always wanted.

Episode 3: When a Stranger Gives You $125 Million

After a Seattle businessman left his fortune to a San Francisco blindness organization, its director went in search of an explanation. He found a secret the two men had shared.

Episode 2: The Dinner Date

Two friends, brought together in a tragic coincidence, take a leap back out of the darkness.

Episode 1: The Strange Journey of the World's Worst Smell

What does the smell of butt crack and dead animal have to do with the demise of the American manufacturing industry and the battlefields of Iraq?

Welcome to The Leap

The Leap is about what it takes to start out one place and end up somewhere, or someone, else. Here's a sample of what you will hear on the podcast.

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