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2015-11-14: Interesting applications of fMRI of the brain and more medical research news and advice

Comments on terrorist attacks in Paris and other events that lead to PTSD; Lead poisoning tops the problems found in refugee children; A sour lozenge might help to reduce dry mouth during sleeping; Using rhamnolipids to disable bacteria rather than killing them with antibiotics; Pregnant women and people who care for infants should get the influenza vaccine;

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2015-11-07: Gut bacteria and obesity, frozen shoulder, pain meds compared, MTHFR mutation and more

Epigenetic markers correlate with sexual orientation; Gut bacteria associated with obesity and diabetes compete for the amino acid glycine; Why certain exercises, an anti-inflammatory like curcumin and acupuncture can treat frozen shoulder; The increased risk of bacterial contamination in an artificial joint — sterility is important if getting injections; Pros and cons of various pain drugs like Celebrex, Lyrica and Gabapentin; After giving up wheat, a woman improved but still has lymphocytic colitis; The MTHFR mutation is very common — taking Methylfolate supplement can help associated problems

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2015-11-07: From pancreatic and bladder cancer to fiber and fatigue: medical news and advice

New immunotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer starts human trials; Soluble fiber is important in losing weight; Changes in guidelines for using aspirin to prevent heart attacks; The important concept of polymers in nature such as the clotting of blood; New guidelines for screening mammograms — individualized advice is important; Various causes of fatigue and daytime drowsiness and suggestions to help; Suggestions for constipation that is common with Parkinson's drowsiness; Dealing with bladder cancer in an 86-year old man; Should my 8-month old daughter get vaginal inoculation? Using aloe and magnesium for nocturnal leg pain

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2015-10-17: A variety of topics from gout and neuropathy to Alzheimer's disease and prediabetes

Advances in understanding cellular garbage removal important to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's; Injectable testosterone has more side effects than patches and gels; One quarter of 3-year-olds are at risk for measles because of reduction in vaccination; Inherited structural diseases such as Hirsch sprung disease or toxic megacolon; Why antibiotics are prescribed before oral surgery in a woman with a metal shoulder implant; Physiology and treatment for gout; Advice to lose weight healthily to reduce prediabetes; A "bony growth" is probably not the cause of neuropathy ��� cold laser therapy for back pain; How St. John's wort works to reduce depression

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2015-10-10: Research news about autism and Alzheimer's plus advice for hypertension and more

Mutations acquired during sperm generation can cause autism in progeny; Epigenetic changes can identify heavy smokers or drinkers; Some diseases are more inheritable while others are caused more by environmental influences; Shady financial arrangements among doctors employed in hospitals; Nuts and cacao triggering pimple-like outbreaks are probably not herpes; FDA approves a rapid DNA test for 14 pathogens in cerebral spinal fluid; More support for ultrasound treatment for Alzheimer's disease; Risks for high blood pressure can be identified in children; Meta-analysis claims that calcium supplements don't increase bone density; Non-drug treatments for high blood pressure ��� essential to control kidney insufficiency; What constitutes "weight-bearing exercise" to prevent bone loss? More about measuring bone health; Good bacteria: Being too clean can lead to gut diseases like Crohn's disease; Potassium can lower blood pressure in people with healthy kidneys ��� more hypertension advice; Pricing of health care like MRIs is very complicated, making "shopping around" difficult

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2015-10-03: Molecular basis and practical advice for Alzheimer's disease plus much more

Research supports having wheat sensitivity but not celiac disease; Why are cancer drugs much more expensive in the United States? Advice for constipation in an 11 year old boy; The complicated issue of interpreting genetic information like 23 and Me; Molecular basis of Alzheimer's disease mechanism and practical advice to reduce chances of getting it; Why did a few animals loose the ability to synthesize vitamin C? Why certain drugs and supplements are okay and others aren't when taking the blood thinner Enoxaparin

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2015-09-26: Popular topics from stem cells, diabetes and autism to acupuncture for hypertension

The problem of market capitalism's effect on drug prices; Acupuncture treatment is effective for hypertension; Listener suggests that soaking peanuts makes them more digestible; Dealing with chemotherapy for colon and liver cancer and deciding when to stop; Surgery to fill collapsed lumbar discs is evaluated; Antibiotics for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth don't fix the cause; Using natural pancreatic stem cells to create new beta cells to cure type 1 diabetes; Options to treat anxiety that wakes me up at 3 AM; A gene affecting calcium transport in neurons may underlay certain types of autism; Appropriate dosing of melatonin for various purposes

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2015-09-05: Epigenetics and the microbiome are central plus other common and rare health issues

Another case of epigenetics increasing risk of diabetes in descendents of a famine; Slowing production of glucose in the liver might help treat diabetes; What could cause petechiae (red blood spots) on my upper arm? A caller is getting a bladder tumor removed ��� bladder cancer is very treatable; Advice to prevent recurrence of kidney stones, depending on composition of the stone; Can probiotics replace the natural bacteria a baby gets during birth? Fecal transplant cured an infection with a drug-resistant "superbug" in mice; Various question about the bacteria in our intestines; A young woman is diagnosed with polycythemia vera, an overproduction of red blood cells; Residual burning on the tongue after eating hot pepper might be B vitamin or zinc deficiency; Pros and cons of various drugs for osteoporosis; Brain organoids are a stem cell model to study the epigenetic causes of autism

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2014-08-29: More about genetic editing applications plus other medical news and advice

New blood test identifying micro RNAs that detect pancreatic cancer much earlier; New genetic editing techniques to prevent replication of Hepatitis c virus and cure hemophilia A; Tricks to get the CRISPR/CAS 9 editing complex into living cells in an organism; Achieving normal testosterone levels decreases heart attack and stroke risk and probably diabetes; Why did my doctor suggest a vegan diet? Be careful with Pilates exercises ��� dealing with strained back muscles; How can I get Functional Medicine help if it?s not covered by insurance? What is causing my spontaneous blood blisters? About the legacy condition called Reflex Sympathetic Distrophy; Help for constipation and consequential clogged eustachian tube; Where can I get help interpreting my 23andMe results? A device that interprets breath sounds by paralysis victims to generate intelligible words

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