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The Brood

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A weekly thought-provoking conversation about the top topics and thorny issues around children of all ages. From the cloth vs disposable diaper debate to how to afford your kid's college tuition, we talk to people, parents and experts, hoping to rediscover the meaning of family in the modern age.More from The Brood »

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Celebrating the Holidays at School without Headaches!

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you stay up all night crafting hand-made cards for 26 kids in your child's class? There has GOT to be a better way! Former Kindergarten teacher Sharon Lee joins us with helpful hints to save your sanity amid a Pinterest-fueled craze for craftiness!

The Brood: Protesting as a family

In the wake of the Women's March, three L.A. moms discuss the practicalities of protesting as a family and how parents can find age-appropriate ways to engage children in politics.

Why the modern concept of 'parenting' may be deeply flawed

What we call "parenting" is actually a surprisingly new invention. Developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik argues it's also profoundly wrong.

When kids and smart home tech products mix

What happens when kids and voice-activated assistant technology (like Amazon Echo) mix? Some times it's bad. But some times it's good too.

Why moms of middle schoolers have it the hardest

A recent study finds that the hardest time for mothers isn't when they're new moms, but later, when their kids are in middle school.

Children's books from 2016 to read with your kids in 2017

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to read more with your kids, some of the books that came out in 2016 could be a great place to start.

Why teenagers want their parents to be like potted plants

Trying to spend quality time with a teenager can sometimes feel like a futile exercise. But take heart, even if they don't show it, teens really do want you around.

How stepfamilies can manage the stress of the holidays

For blended families, navigating the holidays can get particularly complicated. A stepparent coach offers some practical advice.

'The Bad Kids' offers lessons in empathy and second chances

Many of the kids at Black Rock High School have been labeled "bad kids." Their principal and teachers are determined to help them succeed.

Teaching kids the importance of giving during the holidays

During the holidays, with all the focus on Santa Claus, toy-making elves and presents, the importance of giving can get lost in the mix.

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