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The news in Illinois that affects you is delivered daily on Illinois Edition. A newsmagazing following politics, education, the arts and life — it's Illinois. Explained. The newsmakers and people of Illinois that are making waves make the airwaves daily.More from Illinois Edition Podcast | NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS »

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Did Rauner 'Pull Votes' Off The Grand Bargain?

Ten Republican senators voted for at least one bill in the grand bargain. We asked all of them about Gov. Bruce Rauner's role in stopping them from going further.

Percy, The Trucker Cat: Lost And Found

The story of Percy begins, as all great stories do, at a rest stop in Ohio.

Richard Moore On Combating Racism In Law Enforcement

Richard Moore has spent over 40 years in law enforcement. The Mississippi native and veteran moved to Illinois where he began his career as a State Trooper in Rockford. He went to be appointed as a U.S. Marshal. There are fewer than 100 who serve at a time, and each one is appointed by the president.

In Rural Trump Country, Trade Policy Divides

This story is part of the special series United And Divided, which explores the links and rifts between rural and urban America.

Are The Arts Important In Schools?

The Illinois State Board of Education approved a massive new school accountability plan last week. Our education desk reporter takes a closer look at the portion of the plan dealing with the fine arts.

The History Of The Irish In Springfield

Today's St. Patrick's Day celebration has changed over the last one hundred sixty years, but a few things remain the same. The Irish still wear green, parade, and finish with a big party. Our local history segment is sponsored by the Sangamon County Historical Society .

Poll Shows Voters Unhappy With Rauner, Madigan

As Illinois remains mired in gridlock and nearing two years without a full budget, voters are pinning the blame on state leaders.

Illinois Issues: Legislative Checklist

The spring legislative session is in full swing under the shadow of a failed Grand Bargain, which aimed to end a 20-month stretch without a budget. Bills proposed are diverse, including lobbyist ethics, an Obama holiday, wage theft and animal welfare. Revolving door Senate Bill 615 This bill would amend the Lobbyist Registration Act to require any former state employee or official to wait one year after leaving the job before lobbying in government. As a result, any current state employee could not negotiate employment or compensation from any lobbying entity. Chicago Democratic Sen. Heather Steans is the bill's sponsor. Abortion HB 40 This bill would make changes to the way State Employee Health Insurance and Medicaid cover abortions. Currently, Illinois law prohibits women from using Medicaid or State Employee Health Insurance to cover reproductive health care, including medically necessary abortions. In the case of Medicaid, the use of federal funds is restricted for abortion

New Podcast 'The Lit Review' On Black Liberation & More

The Lit Review is a grass-roots podcast headed by two young women out to educate and inspire change.

Illinois School Funding Inequity: Worse Than The Worst

Normally when I report on Illinois school funding, the story involves some task force or legislation trying to make our system more equitable. I always mention that's because Illinois relies on property taxes to fund schools, so schools in prosperous places have every amenity while schools in areas with low property values are out of luck. Today, though, I'm reporting on something entirely different — a whole separate method Illinois uses to make school funding inequitable.

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