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2015-04-11: From growing a heart from stem cells to advice on a variety of health issues

Spider silk protein is a good matrix to grow a rat heart from stem cells; What is the value of an annual physical? Using Epsom salt to treat gall stones; Why are the elderly prone to getting urinary tract infections? Advice to help; A variety of bacterial species in probiotics for different purposes; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is acknowledged as a real disease; More advice for pain from rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder; Intravenous vitamin C is good therapy to augment chemotherapy for brain cancer; Will residual numbness and pain post repetitive motion injury last forever? Advice for someone with nerve sensitivity on the bottom of his feet; A caller's experience with successful rotator cuff surgery; Medical glue is often used instead of sutures after surgery such as knee replacement



2015-04-04: Advice and research about infections from superbugs to H. pylori to fingernails

You should not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after a heart attack; Ancient eye potion is effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria; Cigarette smoke makes it harder to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria; Clarification of the relation of a mitochondrial gene mutation with the PANDAS condition; Difficulty in control high blood pressure in a type 1 diabetic; A possible solution to the problem of tumor formation that thwart the use of stem cells for Parkinson's disease; Supporting detoxification is important for your liver before getting chemotherapy; Low stomach acid increases risk of stomach infections like H. pylori — protecting stomach lining when treating this; Brief review of treatments for fingernail and toenail fungus; The cancer risk of soy phytoestrogen is problematic only if you are not producing estrogen; Infections or autoimmune disease can cause pericardial effusion (water around the heart); Estriol supplementation for treating vaginal atrophy after menopause



2015-03-21: Research about acupuncture, autism, testing for arthritis and advice for many issues

A review of the latest hypothesis for the biological basis of acupuncture; Be sure doctors have access to your advanced directive documents; Quick acceptance of medical devices like the PICC line often leads to unforeseen problems; Functional MRI reveals differences in the visual cortex and other parts of the autistic brain; Using estrogen receptor blockers to fight breast cancer; All about dealing with a hiatal hernia; Are there health risks of the mercury found in coastal fog? Try an antifungal cream to treat a skin rash; Boosting the immune system to fight a staph infection after knee replacement; A caller relates her complications from getting a PICC line; Protocols for taking thyroid medicine along with rhodiola for adrenal support; Use natural sources of vitamin C to treat iron deficiency anemia; New blood tests to detect and differentiate between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis



2015-03-07: Important news about bioidentical hormones, breast cancer and reducing risks of dementia

A review article supports the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones for menopause; Changing the gut microbiome can help treat diabetes; Emulsifiers, even in healthy products, may increase inflammation leading to bowel diseases; Good quality sleep is essential for the waste-collecting glymphatic system important for brain health; Long term study show that antihistamines and other anticholinergic drugs increase risks of dementia; Avoiding rapid rise in insulin from processed grains reduces stress-causing inflammation; Deglycyrrhizinated licorice coats membranes and may help avoiding proton pump inhibitors for peptic ulcer; Should a 70 year old with rotator cuff tear get surgery? What to do instead; Reducing weight, quitting smoking and drinking reduces the risk of getting a second breast cancer



2014-02-28: How autophagy underlies Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases is the main topic

Details of the protein and cellular cleanup process of autophagy: How defects in autophagy underlie Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases; Heavy metal exposure raises the risks of developing Parkinson's; Type 2 diabetes increases the risks of Alzheimer's; New antibiotics attack the autophagy process in bacteria; The system of tubes circulating cerebral spinal fluid to carry away cellular waste; Review of a meta-analysis of studies showing risk of ovarian cancer with hormone replacement therapy; Survivors of childhood cancers have a greater risk of tumors throughout their lives; Diabetics have higher risk of fractures and need to adjust bone density scores; The problem with placebos in medical research and thus many surgeries and procedures are unproven; Hypnosis plus local anesthesia in certain surgeries have better recovery than those with general anesthesia; MRI studies show that infants react to emotions conveyed in human voice; How an aspirin a day may help prevent or slow many types of cancer; Probiotics are shown to reduce stress in mice research; Simple ways to diagnose causes of dizziness from physical to stress to menopause; Conventional and Functional Medicine approaches to Graves disease, a thyroid autoimmune disease; Getting my genetic testing validated my supplement and exercise choices to improve my health; The progressive mutational path toward cancer — recognizing the intermediate steps



2015-02-21: Review of statin use, hormone replacement therapy and arthritis treatments and more

Review of statin studies — side effects vs. benefits and who should get; Use airplane mode to be safe when letting your child play with a cell phone; Review of benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy in woman; Elbow padding suggestion for reducing numb fingers while sleeping; Should I get surgery to remove liver haemangiomas? Anti-inflammatory supplements to treat arthritis; Treatments to reduce immune response in graft vs host disease; Should someone who's had a hernia operation do it for a second hernia?



2015-02-14: New technology in treating diseases, occupational therapy for depression and much more

Contact lens with a telescoping magnifier for macular degeneration or close reading; Brain stem implant can bring hearing to deaf children without auditory nerves; An implant placed in the forebrain that stimulates nerve growth factor to improve Alzheimer's symptoms; About laser liposuction and the difference between visceral and subcutaneous fat; Smoking and drinking can lead to osteoporosis and height loss; How various drugs for prostate cancer work — side effects and cost issues; More about prostate cancer drugs and side effects; Using gold nanotubes to kill cancer cells with heat; Hobbies that use your hands can treat depression; Supplements to help healing and others to avoid when getting cancer surgery; Caller promotes yoga to reduce stress and depression; Supplements to help healing and others to avoid when getting cancer surgery; Caller promotes yoga to reduce stress and depression; An occupational therapist agrees with Dr. Dawn about knitting to treat depression; The unfortunate adversarial nature of getting health insurance payments



2014-02-1-07: More about the gut microbiome plus Lupus, kidney health, sleeping well and more

Lower gut microbiome diversity correlates with development of type 1 diabetes; Exclusively breast-fed babies can eat solid food earlier; Side effects with allowed drugs should get insurance to pay for Cialis for enlarged prostate; Good diet and valproic acid reduces progression of myelodysplastic syndrome into leukemia; Waking up earlier is very common with age because of hormonal changes; Positive pregnancy test in a male because of testicular cancer; Hydration and other suggestions for good kidney health; Suggestions to help gastric emptying delay symptoms — also check for food sensitivities; The difficulties with getting off antidepressants and other drugs — bad drug dispensing policies; The complexities of diagnosing Lupus and benign things to boost immunity; Review of policies and alternatives for colonoscopy; Dr. Dawn's suggestion of Vitamin C helped a woman's wrinkles



2015-01-31: Applying Functional Medicine to a variety of medical issues from cardiac to intestinal

The amount and timing of protein consumptions should increase when older; Craigs list personal ads contributes to increase in HIV rates; Obama proposes support to study individualized medicine based on genome data; How much turmeric should I take per day for anti-inflammatory benefits? Using the Holter Monitor to diagnose fainting spells — the Functional Medicine approach to diagnosis; Appropriate doses of DHA and EPA in fish oil products; Appropriate questions to ask concerning a TIA and heart murmur diagnosis — a primer on heart circulation; A Neti pot can relieve heavy phlegm; Radiation therapy can lead to Celiac symptoms and autoimmune disease by damaging the intestinal wall; Dealing with chondrocalcinosis and other knee issues — the lack of collaborative thinking among doctors



2014-01-24: New medical research and complex health problems from calls and emails are addressed

Extending telomeres holds promise for rejuvenating aging cells; Research reveals multiple layers of signals in nerve impulses; Thorough advice for rosacea in a caller with complex issues; A caller finds that phenylalanine reduces sciatica pain; A very complex case of medical problems including possible myeloma and depression — get tested for mold toxins; The HIV drug Truvada can cause osteoporosis; Very brief numbness and migrating pain at night may be post-menopausal symptoms; Chest tightness and torso pain is probably GERD; Strategies for insomnia which is common after menopause; Using a Holter heart monitor to diagnose slow heart rate



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