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All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show designed to touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Topics are driven by the top news stories of the day, local, regional, national and intMore from All Sides with Ann Fisher »

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All Sides Weekend: Local Music

11 amSometimes on All Sides Weekend we talk about books. Sometimes about music. This week, it’s both! We’ll hear from the co-hosts of the Rock and Roll Book Club and podcast about how they pick their books and what’s on their reading list. We’ll also talk to a local musician about his book on what it’s like to be nowhere near the Billboard charts.GuestsMark Dantzer, host of Rock and Roll Book Club podcastPat Buzzard, host of Rock and Roll Book Club podcastJoe Oestreich, author, musician, college professor



Life After Football: Surviving the NFL

10 amOn Sunday over 100 million people will watch Superbowl XLIX. Most of those players are at the top of their game, but one helmet to the chest, or a cleat to the leg, and an athlete can lose everything. We’ll discuss what happens to pro football players–physically, financially and socially– when they’re no longer able to play, and how the NFL can help athletes off the field.GuestsJames A. Holstein, professor of sociology and faculty athletics representative at Marquette UniversityGeorge E. Koonce, Jr., played football for a decade with the Green Bay Packers, currently is VP of advancement at Marian UniversityRead about Koonce and Holstein’s new book: Is there Life after Football? Surviving the NFL



Egypt's Uncertain Future

11 amIt's been four years since the uprising in Egypt's Tahrir Square, but some worry the regime they helped topple is back. Egypt's new leader is using the same tactics as his predecessor, unemployment is rampant and food is scarce. We'll discuss more this hour. We'll also get an update on the condition of an OSU grad who's been held in Egyptian captivity for over 500 days.GuestsThanassis Cambanis, journalist and author of Once Upon a Revolution: an Egyptian StoryOmar Soltan, brother of Mohamed Soltan, imprisoned OSU grad on hunger strike in Egypt



Proposed Abortion Ban at 20 Weeks

10 amAnti-abortion advocates in Ohio are pushing for a state bill that would ban the procedure after 20 weeks' gestation, which is when they say a fetus can feel pain. A dozen other states have already adopted the 20-week ban, which both sides agree would be a direct threat to the  framework of Roe v. Wade. We'll talk about the proposal, and its likely legislative trajectory.GuestsCatherine Candisky, reporter for the Columbus DispatchKatherine Franklin, director of communications at Ohio Right to LifeKellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Ohio



Wellness Wednesday: Friends and Hearts, Brain Scans, Concussions

11 amFriends always have your back, and, as it turns out, your heart– in more ways than one. We’ll discuss the links between friendship and heart health. Then it’s a look at technology to predict who’s at risk for mental illness, and which treatments are likely to help. And we’ll learn why rest is not always best when it comes to concussion recovery.GuestsJean-Philippe Gouin, assistant professor of psychology at Concordia UniversityJohn Gabrieli, director of the Martinos Imaging Center at MIT’s McGovern InstituteDr. Danny Thomas, pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin