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GeekSpeak is a group of professional geeks who discuss the week's latest news and trends. They help people with such things as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computing, digital photography, the free software movement, Web 2.0, digital video and audio editing, Adobe software, processor and platform technologies, social networks, solar technology, science, technical politics, passwords, and much more. The Geeks also interview technologists, hackers, developers, entrepreneurs, great thinkers, and people with real information to share. If it's geeky, then it's on GeekSpeak! GeekSpeak is broadcast live every Saturday at 10 a.m. PST on KUSP FM and HD radio, and is available via podcast at NPR.More from GeekSpeak »

Most Recent Episodes

Educating Droids on Computer Security 2015/04/25

Apple Watch Opinions, SpaceX Landing Failure, Huawei's P8 phone, new Droid BB8, designed for security might have flaws, Massive Online Open Courses have issues in UC, anti-drone drones, and more Geek News of the week.



Maine Police Watch for Rude Texts 2015/04/18

Your Mac needs a patch; you may decide you need the Apple watch if you fall for trying one one; The Maine police learned they needed to be more careful with their data — by paying a price; the Geeks need a workable chat/text platform across mobile systems; and the world needs your ideas for the etiquette of handling each others' devices.



Story Corps Reflects on Discrimination During Roadtrip 2015/04/11

Volvo develops an invisible and highly reflective spray paint, Snapchat also goes transparent, tell your story for the library of congress through the Story Corp App, how to learn to program in Spanish class and much more this week in Geek News.



Tsunami of Sound Turns Moon Pitch Black 2015/04/04

Don't email personal data, Amazon does good, extinguish fire with sound, moving asteroids by tractor beams, and more wonderful GeekNews.



PWN2OWN Flushes Birds With Hanlon's Razor 2015/03/28

Security prompts don't help you think, Tricoders are closer then you think, abandoned means abandoned with cool pictures, are people evil or stupid, how to pwn a browser, Mars photos, and more GeekNews.



Tesla S Interviews at Uber 2015/03/21

The Geeks discuss self-driving cars, face recognition, terrible job interviews, and get fannish at the in-person appearance of our Canadian correspondent, Greg Merkley



Siri gets an alternative Lyft to Pi Energy 2015/03/14

Dedicated to Terry Pratchett on this PiDay episode we commemorate 40years of Hitchhiker's Guide, 30year birthday of the oldest dot-com, chat about Seri voice data, wind and ocean alt energy, and talk about the new Apple products.



Git Renders Spock in Holographic Pi 2015/03/07

This pledge show episode: GitLab and Renderman, Spock-ifing CA money, Google Facts ranking, Art-Feminisim Wikipedia edit day and much more.



Live Long and Prosper, Net Neutrality 2015/02/28

FCC's awesome net neutrality ruling, good bye to a geek icon, PIfs a file system using Pi for storage, debate the blue/black/gold/white dress and handle other tech news of the week.



Cruise to the Summit in your iVan 2015/02/14

Space and security are the topics this week; from star wars cruises to space submarines and huge password dumps to counter reverse-engineering software.



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