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Has the Met Museum Gone Digital?

The iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art has posted a substantial part of its collection online, and showcased its art treasures one-by-one in a series of blogs called “82nd and Fifth.” Sree Sreenivasan, the Met’s first chief digital officer, tells Jim that there is a vital connection between the virtual and the traditional bricks-and-mortar museum





Is the Nuke Deal with Iran a Good Deal?

Was it a good idea for the US to make an interim deal with Iran even if they didn’t totally agree to stop enriching? Council on Foreign Relations President Emeritus Les Gelb tells Jim that any slowdown in Iran’s nuclear program is meaningful, and what we are giving them in return in relaxation of sanctions costs us very little.

Will TWRRL Be the Next Twitter?

More than one million apps on your iPhone, and they keep coming. Digital developer Harriet Edelman tells Jim Zirin of a new mobile video app called TWRRL, which allows you to insert yourself within a cartoon animation, story or skit. It’s hilarious, you’ll never have a better time, and even Jim got in on the act with two barking dogs.

Was Brazil Worth Spying On?

Snowden’s revelations prompted Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff

to cancel a planned state visit to Washington to meet with Obama.

She even threatened  to remove Brazil from the world wide web.

Latin American expert Julia Sweig tells Jim Zirin that the  motivation

for the spying is inexplicable, and that the damage to our relationship

with a friendly neighboring country is incalculable    



How Do We Protect Our Children from Sexting's Dire Dangers?

Sexting, the transmission of intimate photos or messages from one cell phone to another, is sweeping the country. Journalist Nina Burleigh, author of a compelling Rolling Stone article entitled “Sexting, Shame and Suicide,” tells Jim that the sexting compulsion, which brought down Anthony Weiner has profoundly dangerous implications for today’s teenagers.