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Intersection | SunRail weekday service extends, push for weekend service.

Last month, Sunrail extended their evening weekday service. The change comes after a public clamor for additional service on the commuter rail line- which is still in it’s first year of operation.

Now there’s a push for weekend service as well.

Dan Tracy, Orlando Sentinel Transportation Reporter; David Porter, Publisher of; and Erica Spence from the Winter Park Chamber of commerce join 90.7’s Matthew Peddie to talk about the impact of extended service of SunRail – and the cost of future expansion.



Intersection | Presidential Hopefuls Set Sights on 2016

We’re only days into 2015 and politicos are already thinking 2016.

Senator Marco Rubio says he’s moving closer to a decision on whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination for 2016, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is actively exploring a run at the White House.

Meanwhile, two other high profile Republicans - Rick Perry and Chris Christie - are making an appearance in the Sunshine state for Governor Rick Scott’s inauguration.

We start the New Year off with 90.7’s political commentators Dick Batchelor and Lou Frey. They join 90.7's Matthew Peddie to talk about the year to come in politics and a look ahead at 2016.



Intersection | Florida Prisons: A Round Table Discussion

Next week, Julie Jones will become the new secretary of Florida's Department of Corrections – and she has a big job ahead of her.

The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and Florida's rate is in the top ten among states. The Florida Department of Corrections has a $2 billion annual budget. It includes about $50 a day for each of its more than 100,000 inmates. The Department of Juvenile Justice is separate from the adult prison system, and it spends an additional $150 per day per detainee.

90.7's Amy Kiley discussed the issues facing Florida's criminal justice system with Professor Hugh Potter, interim chair of the UCF Department of Criminal Justice; David Cramer, director of His Healing Hand Ministries and Final Freedom Aftercare; and Natalie Kato of Human Rights Watch, who helped craft Florida's new juvenile sentencing law.



Intersection | Fair Trade Gifts & Teen Fashion Designer

It’s the season of giving. Dr. Mary Conway Dato-on, an International Business Professor from Rollins College, is urging shoppers to think about fair-traded gifts this year.

She joins the program to talk fair trade and how shoppers can think sustainable this holiday season.

Also, Lucas Isasi began designing clothes for Barbie Dolls and teddy bears at 6 years old. At ten, he asked for his own sewing machine. By 13, Lucas was on “Project Runway: Threads” showcasing his fashion design talent on television.

“I have a talent that some people don’t and I should use this to show people what’s really out there,” says Lucas

90.7’s Matthew Peddie speaks to Lucas and his dad Nick about the teen's developing career as a fashion designer and his plans for the future.



Intersection | 'Making Sense of Marshall Ledbetter' & Global Vaccines

Wielding only an empty whiskey bottle, Marshall Ledbetter broke into and took over the Florida State capitol in 1991. His list of demands included pizza, a case of beer, cigarettes and 666 dunkin’ donuts for the police that showed up for the standoff.

After surrendering, Ledbetter entered the state’s mental health system and committed suicide in 2003. 90.7's Matthew Peddie speaks with author and sociologist Daniel M. Harrison about his book ‘Making Sense of Marshall Ledbetter’ and about how the justice system handles cases of mental illness in Florida.

Also, Ebola dominated the headlines as the virus spread through West Africa. While researchers are scrambling to find an Ebola vaccine, over a million children die every year from preventable diseases that we do have vaccines for.

International organizations like Gavi are working to provide access to these life-saving vaccines. Cricket Nicovich, Senior Policy Associate at RESULTS Educational Fund joins the program to talk about the challenges of global vaccinations.