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Residents, Church Vie For History-Rich Russian Isles

The Solovetsky Islands, less than 100 miles from the Arctic Circle, have become a popular destination. Their history is dramatic -- and that drama is still being played out.

The Truth About Grass-Fed Beef

A decade ago, there were fewer than 50 grass-fed-cattle operations in the U.S. Now there are thousands. Clearly people are eating this meat. Trendiness aside, is grass-fed beef more nutritious than standard, corn-fed beef?

Stimulus Snapshots: Heath Care

The Belington Clinic in Belington, W.Va., sees over 6,000 patients a year in a town of about 1,600 people. With the passage of the stimulus bill, the clinic was awarded over $1 million.

Stimulus Snapshots: Education

The YouthBuild program in Washington, D.C., gives young people the chance to earn a high school equivalency degree, or GED, while learning construction and life skills. The Recovery Act will support 70 students over three years.

Stimulus Snapshots: Energy

Renewable energy is one of the cornerstones of the Recovery Act. But despite loan guarantees, Clipper Windpower's assembly plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, laid off workers in 2009 as orders for new turbines were pushed back.