74 Seconds

74 Seconds

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In July 2016, the world watched a man die, live on their phones, after a traffic stop in suburban Minnesota. This is the story of that man, Philando Castile, and the officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who has been charged in his death.More from 74 Seconds »

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The dashcam video

Four days after the verdict, investigators released the video: It's the first time those 74 seconds have been shown outside the courtroom.

After the verdict

We already know the outcome. But even though the trial has come to an end, for a lot of people, this story is not over.

Trial, Day 14: The verdict

On Friday, on the fifth day of deliberation, the jury in the trial of Jeronimo Yanez reached a verdict: Not guilty on all counts. We called reporter Riham Feshir, at the courthouse, in the minutes after the verdict was announced.

Trial, Day 12: Jury at an impasse

The judge re-read jurors a portion of the instructions he'd given them on Monday. "You should not hesitate to reexamine your views and change your opinion if they become erroneous, but you should not surrender your honest opinion simply because other jurors disagree or merely to reach a verdict."

Trial, Day 11: Preparing for a verdict

The jury is about to go into its third day of deliberations. And while the Twin Cities waits for a verdict, a St. Paul police commander explains his department's layered approach to handling large groups and tense moments.

Trial, Day 10: The jury deliberates

Both sides make their final arguments. The judge issues detailed instructions. And the case is left in the hands of the jury.

Trial, Day 9: Jeronimo Yanez takes the stand

'I thought I was going to die,' Jeronimo Yanez told the jury. 'I had no other choice.'

Trial, Day 8: The prosecution rests, the defense begins

By the fourth day of testimony, the prosecution has rested, the defense has moved for acquittal, and we expect to hear soon from Jeronimo Yanez himself.

Trial, Day 6: Yanez's partner testifies

On the second day of testimony, two of the witnesses closest to the shooting — Diamond Reynolds and police officer Joseph Kauser — take the stand.

Trial, Day 5: The dashcam and Diamond Reynolds

The jury is seated, the defense and prosecution have made their opening statements, and the first of the witnesses take the stand — including the woman who brought this case to the attention of millions.

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