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Godzilla's original 1954 roar was created by composer Akira Ifukube, who dragged a resin-coated leather glove along the loosened strings of a double bass. Toho hide caption

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What's In A Roar? Crafting Godzilla's Iconic Sound

The roar in the 1954 original was the sound of a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin being dragged over a double bass. Each film since has tweaked the recipe.

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Revolution, Fatherhood And 'Five Years In The Middle East'

From 2008 to 2013, Nathan Deuel and his family lived in the Middle East. His new memoir about his experience is titled Friday Was the Bomb.

The invasive Asian citrus psyllid can carry citrus greening disease, which kills trees within a few years of infection. Mike Lewis/Center for Invasive Species Research, UC Riverside hide caption

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Fighting Bugs With Bugs: Hatching A Solution For Troubled Trees

The Asian citrus psyllid is a tiny bug that spreads a devastating tree disease. Pesticides can't always control it, so California farmers have turned to a different solution: another bug.

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