An engine is assembled at a Cummins plant in Columbus, Ind., in 2007. The Fortune 500 company sells diesel engines around the world. Darron Cummings/AP hide caption

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As Factory Jobs Slip Away, Indiana Voters Have Trade On Their Minds

Indiana state has been steadily losing manufacturing jobs for years. The issue is already playing a big part in the presidential campaign, and it could drive a lot of people to the polls on Tuesday.

This artist's rendering shows what the view might look like from one of the three planets orbiting an ultracool, reddish dwarf star just 40 light-years from Earth. ESO/M. Kornmesser/Nature hide caption

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The Two-Way

3 Strange Worlds Circling A Cool Star Might Be Prime Spots To Support Life

Scientists say each of these planets has one searingly hot side that's always facing the star and one frigidly cold side that's always facing away. But the regions in between might be cozy.

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Intel announced last month that it is laying off 11 percent of its workforce. As sales of personal computers decline, the company plans to shift its business to cloud computing. Laura Rauch/AP hide caption

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Left Behind In The Mobile Revolution, Intel Struggles To Innovate
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