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Haziz Self says that he's learned "what it means to live up to your principles."


Getting Things Done At The Workshop School

An innovative approach to learning amid turmoil in the Philadelphia School District.

Eerie protective suits and shiny body bags have fueled rumors about the origins of Ebola. In this photo, a burial team removes the body of a person suspected to have died from the virus in the village of Pendembu, Sierra Leone.

Goats and Soda

Rumor Patrol: No, A Snake In A Bag Did Not Cause Ebola

The largest outbreak in history is giving birth to what may be the largest outbreak of Ebola rumors. It's a curse! It's carried by mosquitoes. Or ... a snake. Here's a look at what people are saying.

The 1954 Elvis Presley single "You're a Heartbreaker," recorded at one of the singer's early sessions at Sun Studio.

Music News

Inside The Sun Records Sound, A Marvel Even Today

The "boom-chicka-boom" of Johnny Cash's guitar. The ghostly echo on Elvis Presley's voice. More than 60 years after these early recordings, the studio is still making music the old-fashioned way.

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