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  • ATC reports win prestigious honors: the Ohio State Award and the George Foster Peabody Award.
  • Susan Stamberg conducts a weekly series of phone calls to a small band of "ordinary" citizens across the country, sounding them out on the unfolding Watergate story. Their reactions become a litmus test on changing public attitudes toward the Nixon White House.
  • On the June 26 show, ATC listeners heard excerpts of the Senate Watergate Committee testimony of John W. Dean III, counsel to the president. In a statement hundreds of pages long, Dean outlined his own complicity -- and that of Nixon and many White House aides -- in the handling of Watergate. Then he was quizzed by committee members, including Sen. Joseph Montoya, D-N.M.:

    Dean: "I feel the president was aware of an effort to cover up Watergate. The first time I had firsthand knowledge he was aware of this was September 15, 1972, when I met with him."

    Montoya: "How would you characterize the Watergate burglary?"

    Dean: "That's probably the most difficult question asked yet. I would say it was the opening act of one of America's great tragedies."

    Hear the broadcast.