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  • In the same year Americans celebrate the bicentennial of their revolution, Jimmy Carter is elected president. Unable to finance election coverage that entails traveling with the candidates, ATC focuses its attention on the voters, interviewing them about their choices and concerns.
  • Robert Siegel joins NPR as an associate producer.
  • On the July 5 ATC, Susan Stamberg talked to Americans about how they'd spent their bicentennial Independence Day:

    Stamberg: "Jack, you're a high school student in Buffalo, Missouri. And I told you I was going to call you today to find our what you did yesterday. What did you do?"

    Jack Henderson: "Well, we had a family reunion, my mother's side of the family. We talked over old times and ate watermelon and fried chicken and set off a few fireworks. And then last night we all drove down and saw a stock theater group do a bicentennial production. It was really entertaining... It was inspiring. I mean, it sounds kind of corny to hear me say that, but it really was."

    Hear the broadcast.