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  • Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman nominated by a major political party as its candidate for vice president of the United States. Tag-teaming NPR's campaign coverage, Wertheimer travels with the candidates while Roberts checks in with the voters.
  • On ATC, Adams interviews a California pathologist who advocates harvesting organs from executed criminals. His name: Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
  • On the Nov. 2 ATC, Adams explains Kevorkian's proposal: "that condemned criminals could provide many needed transplant organs if they were removed immediately after or even just before the executions... The option would, he says, enable the condemned truly to repay society for their crimes."

    Kevorkian: "The man would be given a choice, or the woman, of execution the way the law says in each state now or instead to be put under with an injection in the arm at the exact instant the time was set for execution. And while they're under, we'd experiment on their body. But they would never awaken..."

    Hear the broadcast.