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  • In Oklahoma City, 168 people are killed when a bomb goes off at a federal building.
  • The O.J. Simpson trial permeates media coverage throughout the United States and around the world. In October, the jury returns a verdict of not guilty.
  • ATC expands to two hours and begins the program an hour earlier (at 4 p.m. EST), as member stations reach out to an early East Coast commuting audience.
  • On the Oct. 3 ATC, hours after the Simpson verdict, Noah Adams and Linda Wertheimer talk to people around the country to gauge their reactions:

    Ty Fleming, Orange Beach, Ala.: "What I saw, what I heard on television, I thought he might have been probably guilty, but I could see his reasons for doing what he was doing if he did do it. Not too many people like their wives running around with other fellas, but that don't mean it was right to do it."

    Louis Smith, South Chicago, Ill.: "I always feel as though O.J. was innocent ... But I can tell you this: I think if it was an all-white jury, I think he would have been found guilty."

    Hear the broadcast.