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  • Theodore Kaczynski, a former University of California, Berkeley professor living as a recluse in a one-room cabin, is arrested at his Montana home for possession of bomb components. He is suspected of being the notorious Unabomber.
  • ATC airs the hour-long documentary Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse, on the 5-year-old Chicago boy dropped from a housing-project window to his death by two other boys, ages 10 and 11. The documentary wins the 1996 George Foster Peabody Award, broadcasting's most prestigious honor.
  • To mark its 25th anniversary, ATC airs a montage recalling the variety of sounds and voices the program has presented over the years.
  • The March 21 show is devoted to Remorse, whose producers, LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman, are high schoolers from the same neighborhood where Eric Morse lived.

    Jones: "The whole country was shocked by the incident, at least for a week or two."

    Newman: "But then the cameras and the reporters left, and we were all still here, left to ponder another war story in the 'hood, the lost life, the spreading violence."

    Jones: "For kids growing up in this neighborhood it was nothing new, and it wasn't surprising."

    Newman: "I know lots and lots of people that's been killed ."

    Hear the broadcast.