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Book Reviewer Alan Cheuse's Summer Picks:

Alan Cheuse
All Things Considered book reviewer Alan Cheuse

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1. Licks of Love,
by John Updike,

2. Faithless,
by Joyce Carol Oates,
(Harper Collins)

3. Soulcatcher,
by Charles Johnson,

4. The Body Artist,
by Don DeLillo, Jr.,
read by Laurie Anderson,
(Simon & Shuster)

5. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse,
by Louise Erdrich,
(Harper Collins)

6. The Wooden Sea,
by Jonathan Carroll,

7. The Beardless Warriors,
by Richard Matheson,

8. The Medic,
by Leo Litwak,

9. Botany of Desire,
by Michael Pollan,
(Random House)

10. The Literature of California:
Writings from the Golden State,

(University of California Press)

11. We Now Know Who,
(McSweeney's Quarterly Attempt)

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