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Water in the West: Suggested Reading

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Books on John Wesley Powell

A River Running West: The Life of John Wesley Powell, by Donald Worster, Oxford University Press, 2000.

Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West, by Wallace Stegner, University of Nebraska Press, 1982.

Seeing Things Whole: The Essential John Wesley Powell, a compilation of writings by Powell, edited by William deBuys, Shearwater Press, 2001.

This Sovereign Land: A New Vision for Governing the West, by Daniel Kemmis, Island Press, 2001. This book examines the application of Powell's ideas today.

Books on Water Issues in the West

Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, by Marc Reisner, Viking Press, 1986.

A River No More: The Colorado River and the West, by Philip L. Fradkin, University of California, 1996.

Water in the West: A High Country News Reader, edited by Char Miller, Oregon State University Press, 2000.

Water Law in a Nutshell, by David Getches, West Wadsworth, 1997.

Measuring America: How an Untamed Wilderness Shaped the United States and Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy, by Andro Linklater, Walker & Co., 2002.