Flip the Script

In this episode we look at situations where someone flips the script – does the opposite of what their natural instinct is – and in this way, transforms a situation.

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In this episode we look at situation where someone flips the script – does the opposite of what their natural instinct is, and in this way transforms a situation. Usually when someone is hostile to us, we are hostile right back. The psychological term is "complementarity." But then in rare cases someone manages to be warm, and what happens as a result can be surprising. The episode starts with a story about a dinner party in DC, when an attempted robbery was foiled by... a glass of wine and some cheese. Then we travel across the pond, to Denmark, where police officers are attempting to combat the growing problem of Islamic radicalization with... love. And finally, we talk to a man who attempted to flip the script on one of our most basic animal functions: finding a mate.

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This week, Hanna Rosin explains what she found when she traveled to Denmark to check out a radical experiment in flipping the script. And on Saturday, psychologist Christopher Hopwood explains how therapists use the concept of noncomplementarity to help you make your own relationships better.

Also, check out this awesome video, in which performance collective Manual Cinema brings our D.C. dinner party story to life using only light and shadows.

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