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Michel Camilo Trio at Tanglewood

Michel Camilo  

From the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, a bucolic setting for jazz, pianist Michel Camilo performed on a warm summer's evening at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival, which annually draws the finest musicians for a three-day, six concert Labor Day weekend celebration.

Camilo makes the piano come to life. His sparking personality ripples right through the keys. He grew up in the Dominican Republic, and came to the United States in 1979. He's recorded many albums -- and received several Grammy nominations -- since then.

Camilo's 2000 release, Spain, featuring Flamenco guitarist Tomatito, won for Best Latin Jazz Album in the very first Latin Grammy Awards. He also made an indelible impression with his riveting performance in the film tribute to Latin Jazz, Calle 54.

The Michel Camilo trio includes two of the finest musicians from the island of Cuba: Charles Flores on bass, and Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez on drums. It's no wonder the rhythms of this band are so incredible. These artists are featured on Michel's latest release, Live at the Blue Note, a two-disc set on Telarc.

"From Within" (Camilo/Sony Songs and Redondo Music/BMI/SGAE)
"Piece of Cake" (Camilo/Sony Songs and Redondo Music/BMI/SGAE)
"This Way Out" (Camilo/Sony Songs and Redondo Music/BMI/SGAE)
"Twilight Glow" (Camilo/Sony Songs and Redondo Music/BMI/SGAE)
"Tequila" (Rio/Carrers BMG Music/BMI)
"On Fire" (Camilo/Sony Songs and Rodondo Music/BMI/SGAE)


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    The technical director for Tanglewood is Tim Martin, with Dough McKinney, Keith Elder and Brian Richards. Thanks to Sue Auclair, publicist; Fred Taylor, music director of the Tanglewood Jazz Festival; and festival manager Tony Beadle.

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