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Chick Corea's New Trio and Gary Burton
at The Blue Note in New York City

Chick Corea  

Winner of 10 Grammy awards -- and nominated yet again this year for Rendezvous in New York -- Chick Corea is one of the most original and well-known pianists in jazz. He has recorded in the widest range of settings: from acoustic duos and trios to groundbreaking fusion ensembles, Latin-jazz bands, and classical orchestras.

At the time of our recording, Chick had formed a new trio with bassist Avashai Cohen drummer Jeff Ballard on drums. He also invited his longtime friend Gary Burton to join in vibes for a few tunes. Over the years, Chick and Gary have teamed up to make some beautiful music together, including their 1972 collaboration, Crystal Silence, one of the seminal recordings of the decade.

"It Could Happen to You" (J. Van Husen)
"Cloud Candy" (C. Corea)
"Señor Mouse" (C. Corea)
"Monk's Dream" (T. Monk)
"Concierto de Aranjuez/Spain" (Rodrigo/Corea)


  • Chick Corea Web site
  • Gary Burton Web site
  • Concord Records/Stretch Records

    Produced by Josh Jackson at Jazz 88/WBGO-FM, with Brian McCabe; the music mix by Jim Anderson with Aurasonic Limited: Steve Remote, John D'Uva and Robert Carvel. Thanks to Steven Bensusan, Amit Peleg and Jack O'Hara of The Blue Note.

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