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Robert Glasper

Clubs are the backbone of jazz, and this time on JazzSet, we're club-hopping in a great jazz city.

Robert Glasper

Boston is a magnet for music students. Where there are students, there are teachers, fans, night clubs, and broadcasters who go on location. Thanks to WGBH Radio, we're splitting the hour between two happening scenes -- the Robert Glasper Trio at the Regattabar and El Eco with drop-in guest Hendrik Meurkens at Ryles Jazz Club.

Glasper is the first instrumentalist in a long time to sign with a major record label. His new Blue Note CD is Caravan. He comes from Houston. He graduated from the arts high school and then studied jazz at the New School in New York. He has the gift of sociability, and is getting to know and play with his heroes, as well as lead and tour with his trio.

Founded in 1987, El Eco is a force in a big Latin music scene in Boston and beyond. The band has played at the Montreal Jazz Festival and is getting national attention. The founder and leader is drummer Guillermo Nojechowicz. Born in Argentina, he moved to the United States in his 20s. He wanted to leave, yet he still struggles with being away from home, and he works out his feelings for both continents in his wonderful music.

"Jelly's da Beener" by Glasper
"Portrait of an Angel" by Glasper
Break music: "I Loved You Too" by Nojechowicz
"Partido Alto" by Nojechowicz
"Milonga Para Los Ninos" by Nojechowicz
"Samba de Maya" by Nojechowicz
Closing music: "I Remember" by Glasper

Robert Glasper, piano
Vicente Archer, bass
Damion Reid, drums

Guillermo Nojechowicz, leader, composer, drums and percussion
Kim Nazarian, vocals
Hendrik Meurkens, harmonica
Dino Govani, sax
Osmany Paredes from Cuba, piano
Fernando Huergo from Argentina, bass

Robert Glasper site

Regattabar info

El Eco site

Hendrik Muerkens site

Ryles Jazz Club site

WGBH Radio, Boston site

Our field producer is Steve Schwartz from WGBH Radio, music mix by Alan Mattes, assisted by his son.
JazzSet is Technical Director Duke Markos, with recording engineer Ginger Bruner at KUNV in Las Vegas, Producer Becca Pulliam, and Executive Producer Thurston Briscoe at Jazz 88, WBGO in Newark.

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