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Roy Haynes Outdoors at the J&R Music Festival in New York

Roy Haynes

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New York's City Hall Park sits at the top of the Canyon of Heroes, site of historic ticker-tape parades celebrating the end of World War II, the astronauts coming home from the moon, and the Yankees winning all those pennants. Today's hero ricochets rhythms off tall buildings and leads his Fountain of Youth Band -- one master and three comparative newcomers, who are having the professional experience of their dreams.

The veteran is Roy Haynes. The youths are saxophonist Jaleel Shaw, who also plays with the Mingus Big Band. Shaw graduated from Berklee College and Manhattan School of Music and made finalist in the Thelonious Monk Saxophone Competition. Martin Bejerano on piano is from Miami and has his own new CD -- Evolution/Revolution. Bejerano brings ear-catching new harmonies to the repertoire. David Wong on bass graduated from the Juilliard School, and teaches at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Lester Young, Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny -- since the late 1940s Roy Haynes has worked and recorded with all these giants. At the drums, Haynes is engaged with energy, drive, precision and the Haynes sound on every drum and cymbal in his set. He's exemplary in his timing, tunefulness, constant creative chatter and flow. He gets up and dances, stick in hand, thwacking the drum stands, the chair itself -- no object is off limits.

Haynes is booked deep into 2008, so hear him on JazzSet, then check his schedule and see the master at work. After our set, Haynes autographed copies of his CD, Whereas, from Dreyfus Records.


"Like This" by Chick Corea
"Fee Fi Fo Fum" by Wayne Shorter
"My Heart Belongs to Daddy" by Cole Porter
"My Romance" by Rodgers & Hart
"James" by Pat Metheny
"Summer Night" by Rubin & Warren


Dreyfus Records

Thanks to Sue Bryan and Bob Huber from J&R Music, producers of the annual August Festival, broadcast producer Josh Jackson, MC Monifa Brown, operations manager Brian McCabe, crew members Spencer Graves and David Tallacksen, recording truck provider Aurasonic Ltd and Steve Remote.

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