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2005 North Sea Jazz Festival Highlights

Houston Person and Michael Camilo, from publicity photos  

It's the second weekend in July, 2005. JazzSet is in The Hague, stepping into the world's largest indoor jazz event.

Houston Person, Michael Camilo

The North Sea Jazz Festival brings more than 1,000 artists and almost 100,000 ticket-holders together under one roof, over three nights. North Sea was founded in 1976 by Paul Acket. In 2005, at the 30th festival, a special "Bird" Award (named for Charlie Parker) was given to Jos Acket, widow of Paul. For almost two decades, Jos took care of business so that Paul could concentrate on the artistic side. In 1993, Theo van den Hoek became Director, and now Theo is stepping down. New leader Jan Willem Luykin says, "I am more than happy to be able to succeed Theo. I cannot imagine a more perfect job."

But the pressure! North Sea is so full of music that every moment requires tough choices. You make decisions by consulting the nightly schedule, with the names of all 15 stages running down the page, and the start times across the top. With this grid and a map of the Netherlands Congress Center, JazzSet drops in on the Charlie Parker Legacy Band, vocalist Rita Reys, solo pianist Michel Camilo, and Houston Person -- soulful on tenor with the Joey DeFrancesco organ trio.

Rita Reyes, from a publicity photo  

Rita Reys is the Grand Lady of Dutch Jazz. Years ago, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and others invited young Rita Reys onstage to sing with them. Reys has worked continuously into her 80s, sharing every stage of her life with her fans. Her late husband and pianist, Pim Jacobs, was also well known and beloved. It's a special occasion to hear her on JazzSet.

There will be a second show from North Sea in early May on JazzSet, featuring more European artists.

The Charlie Parker Legacy Band, with three altos: spokesman Jesse Davis, Wessell Anderson, Vincent Herring; Ronnie Matthews, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums.
"Parker's Mood"

Rita Reys, vocals
Ferdinand Povel, tenor sax
Martijn van Iterson, guitar
Peter Beets, piano
Ruud Jacobs, bass
Joost Patocka, drums
"I'm Old Fashioned"
"Just One of Those Things" by Cole Porter

Michel Camilo
"Reflections" by Camilo
"Minha" by Francis Hyme

Joey DeFrancesco, organ
Bollenbeck, guitar
Byron Landham, drums
Houston Person, guest on tenor
"When I Fall in Love" by Heyman & Young

Radio Netherlands
North Sea 2006
Rita Reys

Our music comes from Radio Netherlands, Producer Manon Miessen, with recording engineers Paul Schoenmakers and Peter Vincent. Special thanks to Noah Waxman.
Thanks to Fabienne Favero and engineer Martin de la Rosse at Radio France in Paris, where Dee Dee Bridgewater records. Also to Brian McCabe of Jazz 88, WBGO in Newark, New Jersey.
Duke Markos is Technical Director, Becca Pulliam is Producer, Executive Producer is Thurston Briscoe III.

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