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Excerpts From:
The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Thomas Alva Edison
Produced by The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva

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    "This is Charles Edison speaking, chairman of the board of directors. The midnight oil still burns in the Edison laboratory. The products that have survived the commercial storms for nearly half a century can face the future with unflinching confidence and so a merry christmas and happy new year to you all."

    Edison with horns

    Edison perfercting the recording process

    "This is Farrier speaking, sales manager and chief dealers helper at the factory. The heads of the departments are delighted to say a personal word in this unique way to you fellows in the front line trenches. We realize what youre up against. Well be here backing you up 100% until the last gun is fired. 1925 is going to be a far better year than this year has been. The worst is over so lets all put on our galoshes and wade in."

    "This is Art Walsh, advertising and music manager, broadcasting on a wave of increased business. Im the poor boob who writes those Saturday Evening Post ads that you admire so. Were cooking up some plans for next year. There will be a lot of good old tone tests. And by the way anyone who heard a tone test remarked "say, if you could get a pair of tights to fit that phonograph and teach it to carry a spear, you could get it a job at the Metropolitan Opera House."

    "This is Thomas A. Edison, speaking from Fort Myers Florida. I'm still working hard, and I ask you to accept my efforts as a proof of my affection instead of my words. I wish that I could invite all of you to have some birthday cake, but unfortunately, we can't eat by radio just yet. I'll have to work on that problem! Well, good-night everybody, thank you and good luck."

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