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Sam & Sons
Sam Phillips and his sons, (left to right) Jerry and Knox. Memphis Premiere Awards - May 1999.
Photograph by Sandra Wong Geroux
ON THE ROAD - Memphis
"Three of our stories come from Memphis -- the crossroads of American sound. Here are some photos and sounds from our "Memphis Trilogy." The first story "We Record Anything, Anytime, Anywhere: Sam Phillips and the Early Years of the Memphis Recording Service" followed by "Electronic Memories: RA Coleman's Memphis" and we'll end with "WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts, The First All-Girl Radio Station in the World"

Sam Phillips - A Prophet for the Church of Sound

Legendary record producer Sam Phillips figures into several of our stories. He has so much to say, and such a great way of saying it, it would be impossible to exhaust his repertoire. Here he talks about Lost & Found Sound and the power of recorded sound.

Ike and Jeanette Turner in their home studio - August 1999. Photograph by Davia Nelson
Ike Turner Teaches The Kitchen Sisters to Play Piano

As part of the Sam Phillips piece "We Record Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - the Early Years of the Memphis Recording Service," we interviewed Ike Turner who recorded with Sam and also worked as a talent scout for him in the early 50's. The interview was great - Ike and his wife Jeanette played us some tunes from their upcoming CD and Ike told stories about recording "Rocket 88" and his early days in Memphis. He also went off on several tangents - here's one of our favorites.

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Memphis pt. 2

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