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The Partridge Family's Grand Tour
Produced by Marika Partridge

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    Marika & her mother making tapes in Kenya, 1968
    Courtesy of Marika Partridge
    NPR's Marika Partridge and her family spent a year touring the world when she was 13. Her father had just retired from the military and the family was on its way home to Vermont. But first, her parents decided they would take some time off. They would drive and camp their way through India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Cambodia, Italy and Switzerland, among other countries before returning to the United States.

    Their entire trip was recorded on audio tape via a reel to reel machine her father purchased in Taiwan.
    Marika & Brother
    Courtesy of Marika Partridge
    Each member of the family took turns capturing ethnic music, conversation, and thoughts about their amazing experiences, including an encounter with an elephant in Kenya.

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