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Beijing-based restaurateur Song Ji (right) demonstrates his system, which allows customers to tip wait staff. Diners use smartphones to scan QR codes that the wait staff wear on their sleeves. This generates a tip of 4.56 yuan, or about 70 cents. Waitress Liu Enhui (left), the top tip-getter at the restaurant, says she can earn up to $30 a day in tips. Anthony Kuhn/NPR hide caption

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Long Criticized In China, Tipping Makes A Comeback At A Few Trendy Restaurants

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Visitors look at the China-North Korea Friendship Bridge across the Yalu River from Dandong, in northeast China. A company operating from Dandong is under fresh sanctions by the U.S. Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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U.S. Targets Chinese Company For Supporting N. Korean Nuclear Program

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